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Spoo, did you add a Loro Piana velvet upgrade to your car?
He is probably going to be a little upset when he realizes that.
If they are all in good condition, and exotic, then $15 is a definite pick up. Standard leather can be hit or miss, but for $15 it is probably worth the gamble.Post a picture and one of us will be able to tell you what they were made of.What size are they all?
A red herring, I knew it!You called exactly where I purchased my pair by the way. I agree that the ladies are very nice. I was speaking with them about me being from out of town and she was giving me some things to check out like the 1700's pub across the street.Any Myrtle Beach thrifters? I am coming to your town next week.
I didn't really need these, but you can't poach in the Capn's territory without grabbing some cufflinks. Thank you for the advice Wes.
I will check if the museum has any overstock.We were actually in your area (Centerville, Arlington, and DC) the last couple of days, but we were doing more of the touristy things and not shopping.
Anyone thrifted York, PA before? I am in town for a couple of days and am wondering if it is worth making the time.
That would explain it, thank you Wes.9.5 means you now really have my interest. Of course, I can guarantee they sell for more than my clothing budget. I already have you saved as a favorite seller, so I will keep an eye out.
Those boots are fantastic Wes. I may have to help a struggling private school if they are my size and show up in your store. On to my find, a pair of Stefano Ricci corduroy pants. They will fit great once I take off a couple of inseam inches. From the label mentioning a jacket , I guess they are an orphan, but I can't imagine that Ricci would have a corduroy suit.
A lot of boots showing up lately. It's been months since I have come across a good pair.Lucchese is a great brand, but suede is not one of the more desirable materials. If I were buying for myself, I would pay $30 all day long. For a flip, I would say pass without knowing the specific style, condition, size, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: