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That Hudson was pretty nice. My wife and I used to go to Gallery 63 pretty often before they started the TV show. Now it is crowded with people driving the prices up. We furnished a couple rooms that way though. We furnished a couple rooms and picked up some nice art and rugs there though.
I hope you mean Woodstock. It is getting crowded around here.
Did anyone take you up on this challenge Andro ?
We may have crossed paths then. It was labeled a large, but seemed closer to an extra large. It also had some strange pale spots on the bottom.
In this episode of Tales from the Dressing Room.... We see the keepers: Coogi Blue Jeans, Brooks Brothers, Saks Fifth Avenue House Label These were released back into the wild: Monsieur By Givenchy, Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece long sleeve polo, Renzo Palandri, and a Zegna. Finally, a grail find. You may not be able to tell, but it has 3D features and a bell attached. Yes, I bought this and yes I will be wearing this to a Christmas party this year. In a...
Here are the prices based on condition, but at the end of the day it is only worth what someone will give you for it and you will probably be hard pressed to find a buyer.
These are definitely lizard.
Are those AE's tiny or do you have a giant hand
I can't help you with what the red high tops are worth, but I could tell you what I would pay for them if they are my size. What size are they?
There is a very similar boot on display at the Atlanta zoo that warns of the dangers of buying bad ass boots. Of course after a few years in the direct sunlight they are ruined.
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