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Do you have pictures of the ones that are available?Picked up this sweet belted rain coat by Saks house brand. It looks brand new, but does have that GW smell. Bring on the summer rain.
As a buyer I expect a buyer to counter and I send a low ball offer to reflect that. From there, they counter or decline and I can decide to submit a new offer. Occasionally you get lucky, like last night I put in an offer of $115 for a pair of boots that were originally listed at $200 and I had an email waiting for me when I woke up saying the offer was accepted. As a seller, I have only had one auction with the offer feature, but no one offered. I think I had my BIN too...
Probably a replica judging by the hands. You can probably talk to the guys over at watchuseek and confirm.
Nothing today, but some guy did pee on my shoes in the bathroom at Goodwill. He looked like a crazy person, so I pretended not to notice.
Yes, those are terrible as well.
Are we now considering "Silvery" a color?
Nice find. I used to dabble in rare and out of print movies for some extra cash. But, there aren't many places around here that trade in VHS and DVDs anymore.
The full screen version of Titanic? All of me with Farrah Fawcett? What did you find?
I use Baygenie and have had pretty good luck with it.
Double post
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