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Completed listing searches only go back two months. But, the original auction page is available longer than that for feedback purposes, so you have to use Google to find a backdoor.
Here is pair that sold on ebay. Boots
A man of my own taste. I have wanted a hat like that since I first saw Crocodile Dundee when I was 6.
This.That is one of the stores on my circuit as well.
Picked up a pair of Sperry Topsiders in toddler size 10. Now my son and I will be that lame father son duo with matching shoes and I will enjoy every minute of it.
I call dibs on the orange Brioni. Just got back from Myrtle Beach. I hit up one store because I needed a couple of whiskey glasses and the clothes are just about what you would expect for a beach tourist town.
Dem sure is some purdy cuff links.
HOT TIP! Total Wine carries Brooklyn Summer and Brooklyn Lager. You have to catch them while they are in stock though. There is a Total Wine in Kennesaw which I don't think is too far from you.
You can't thrift an Affliction or a Tapout shirt to throw in with those jeans?
It's hard to tell much from picture, but looks like a print. The signature could be printed on when they created the print or it could be an actual signature. With Picasso neither are going to make you much money since he pumped out so much stuff, but a signed piece is always kind of cool.Either way, it looks nice, so i would have picked it up for my walls.Did you check the back for a certificate? That can usually tell you a lot more info about a piece, but I have noticed...
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