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Found some Zegna today and a pair of Jordan's for one of my sons.
If anyone in Atlanta is looking for a mannequin, check out this estate sale tomorrow. I picked up the one on the right in this picture for $62.50 today, but the remaining one should be $50 tomorrow. There was also a nicer one for around $100. 345 Saddlebrook Drive Roswell, GA 30075 Estate Sale Website
Very nice. Sea Turtle doesn't come up often in this thread.
This is the first pair of Florsheim's that I actually wanted to buy. Gaffney Wingtips.
Great vacation pictures, but I am not sure how that toilet works.
The family and I are going on vacation there Memorial Day weekend. Not sure we will have enough time for thrifting though.
LSU? Isn't this the tie you are looking for?
Found my first Ralph Lauren Purple Label today. I was starting to think it was a myth. It is just a polo shirt, but it is my size, so I am happy.
I took a break from thrifting due to being so busy the last few months and am just starting to get back into it. But, as I get back into the swing of things I have started looking for retro video games. I haven't picked up anything amazing yet, but I have picked up some older games from NES to PS2 that I wanted to play and then completely forgot about. Of course now that I have them, I have to find time to play them.
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