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Can you do a color match for Horween Rust chromexcel (aka the leather in rust Wolverine 1000 miles)? I've been looking for a not-$175 option for a belt that's the same color for a while... and other than something from, I didn't find much...
$45 -> 40 Next stop, eBay....
I'd disagree with Taco - I was in the 5th Ave store on Friday and it seemed everything marked down was either XS or XXL. Some size S stuff, virtually no M or L, some XL.
$50 => $45
Price drop! $60 -> $50
For sale: one pair of new, still-in-the-box Superga shoes in white leather. These are the 2750 model without elastic gussets. Wish these fit me, but alas I seem to have excessively fat feet. They're looking for a new home now. Offering at $40 + actual shipping anywhere in the world
Perhaps Rouge Tomate for your Sunday? It's not Per Se but it's excellent and won't hit a four-digit number for three for dinner. Have eaten a lot of steak for business dinners... Quality Meats isn't quite as novel an experience as it once was but the food is reliably good. Strip House is worth considering if you're looking for a more interesting atmosphere. Dylan Prime (farther downtown) is also excellent and probably the best choice of the three for those who don't...
Oh how I wish these were 32s! I've got a pair of standard Tellasons, they're great jeans - someone should definitely grab these!
Feel free to drop me a PM... I've spent a fair amount of time working with counterparty risk folks on both buyside and sellside. I've never done the job but I've developed a few opinions along the way.
For whatever reason their medium t-shirts fit me better than ones 10x the price, so.. there's about 15 of them in my drawer. A couple of other shirts too, though I find that I'm between sizes in a lot of stuff. For the price... I wish everything fit, I'd spend a lot less on clothes!
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