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Smoking now,keeping with the LGC theme,my first LGC Md'O no2.Only got a 5er recently,would love to get a few boxes after getting half way through.Hearing this one may be discontinued and it's really HTF now.
Wow Dave as @gnatty said that's a cigar!Going to seek one out to try!
Hey mmatt,I am not familiar with Granada but have been to a few different places in Spain.Spain is generally one of the most smoke friendly countries and you will find people lighting up in and around bars/restaurants (outside).The pricing of tobacco is regulated by the Spanish government so expect consistent pricing everywhere!Look for Estanco (which are tobacconists) but do some research to know the signs for fake vs genuine.There are some bloody good Spanish regional...
Gifted last week from my friend Mike Choi of Bulgari hotel cigar lounge whilst he was visiting NYC.Really open draw,the punch cut helps as does sip like drawing technique but really good flavour!I hate this size..
OPG JUN14 Monte 2.Sitting out wearing shorts and a vest in perfect smoking weather.Only seems a short while ago when I was freezing my fingers off!
Sir Winston from '13.2nd ever.Pure class (been waiting for the right weather here in NYC)
Last nights smokes, very last stick from @girardian sampler.Monsdale (around 10 years) first one I've tried-was delicious,rich and ended up really full flavored!The construction was excellent, the ash holding on for about 1.5" before falling.Thanks Michael, some truly amazing sticks from that selection!
Thursday, '14 Monte Petit Edmundo-these are an example of when time makes a big difference.Didn't care for these at all last year but they've turned a corner and smoking nice now
Weds night smokes, trusted PLPC and SDN4
I went with the LP T52.As I remembered,one dimensional,shit loads of smoke output,if I thought the Mag50 was open draw well this thing is worse!I use a punch these days so it helps (a little!) Flavour improving the more I smoke.
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