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Getting these smokes in,any day now.Wow '14 D4.At this point smoking better than the SigIV from last night.Such good flavours,that savoury creaminess (not even sure I'm describing it right) I love so much,smooth,just so damn good.
Thanks! @cocostella it is indeed my first 😀 He decided that he still wants to stay in so it's given me a chance tonight to burn this ULA14 LGC m'do 2.What a good son hehe 😜
Sunday night wind down with this '14 Partagas 898.Whilst the OpusX was really good yesterday there's something so intoxicating/rich about CC that keeps my palate coming back for more and more.This example is so delicious.Taking my time with slow draws - 5 days to the predicted due date!
Round 2 at Nat's townhouse.It's definitely an NC kinda day with this Padron 1926 no.2 Belicoso Maduro post lunch.Can't fault these...
Here we go,herfin at Nat Sherman with my friend from Saskatoon who's visiting NYC.The b@stard bought me this Opus X Angel Share.First ever Opus X and I really like it!Nice change of pace...I guess you could say I really enjoyed it!Edit-had no idea of the news whilst smoking this but seems uncanny and fitting that I picked this out.
When one doesn't seem enough..last Sig I from a 5 pack I got in Frankfurt duty free last year.
It's Friday night and I've officially 7 days until my sons due date.Trying this Ramon Allones Club Allones 2015 LE.I'm trying to think if I've even ever tried any LE at all before,anyway enjoying this one.Definitely has the RA characteristics and I'm really liking it.Getting richer as I progress out of the first third.
First Dip 2 from '13,really like it.
It's been raining all day in NYC but it's not stopping me from enjoying this Epicure de Luxe gifted from an outstanding BOTL from HK
I liked the Nicaragua but really didn't care for the Escurio.This Yamasa really surprised me and I'm even considering my first non CC box purchase! Ha
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