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Just checked the OE's I'm wearing today - no marking on the shoe itself. Only on the trees. In fact I don't recall any of my other pairs having marking on the soles or anywhere else...
Roll on the spring @PartagasIV
Couple today in the park, frozen fingers all round!
I do love those gold museum calf austerity and was drawn to them as an MTO but I decided on the dark brown since it fits my take on CBD. My version shown here when new:
Three sticks today, gotta love these days off work Morning - Trini Reyes Lunch - El Principe Late afternoon - CoRo Reyes wins today
Connie 1, PLM May 11. Consistent clean toasted tobacco flavour throughout.
Bumping this thread, I've been away from the forum for a while but there's been some real Vass pron on here lately. Not done an MTO for about a year, this stuff is stirring interests for the next ones!Great stuff guys!
I'm going out to have the Reyes now, fingers might fall off! V-that's really surprising to hear bro, you're normally flaming so many sticks!
K Last or U?
Day off, morning workout done, post breakfast smoke in Central Park. Glorious sunshine, clear blue skys but bloody freezing at -9 celsius/16 farenheit!Probably too cold to be sitting outside and not enjoyable towards the end when I took the glove off-come on spring! Anyway El Principe was initially punched and was drawing ok up until past halfway, flavour started getting bitter/tar build up so I cut it which sorted it. Debating on whether to have another smoke later either...
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