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Thanks all for the opinions so far - I've not seen any G&G in the flesh yet so need to check them out asap! @wurger was checking out your quintessential thread and the MH71 does look great!
I'm contemplating my first G&G - black oxford for CBD. The million $ question - which last DG70 or MH71?
Just wanted to share this link with folks on here as I thought it was a good read for those that are not already clued up on shoes (like when I first joined the forum!) Although we know here on SF there are other countries now that produce exceptional quality shoes it is still the English that are more known in the mainstream worldwide for their shoes, of recent years has the demand has increased and we're actually seeing growth in English manufactured shoes which is only...
Phil-Madame Paulette any good from your experience?Cost me my left leg for a suit clean? (Hallak already took my right one! :-)
I've used Hallak twice, most recent visit was about 2 weeks ago. As mentioned earlier they removed the MOP buttons from one of my suits but told me beforehand but I'm suspect about how they re-attached, just looks not as well sewed as the original and not even sure it was necessary. Regardless of it being a good job with pressing great lapel rolls the $225 for x3 suits all with x2 pants each was a shocker. Need and want to find an alternative, lucky I don't clean often/try...
All, I went to a tailor today to discuss commissioning a bespoke double breasted suit - for the occasion that being my wedding! I don't currently own any DB suits. Leaving things to the last minute (like I usually do!) I don't have much time left to get it done however I have been told it's achievable in time I have left. I looked mainly at H&S which was more in my price range (was told about Scabal but way over my budget) and in particular the cloth I liked was H&S Cape...
SNAP - I've been on that slippery slope ever since @mimo
Brand new unworn pair of Meermin - Linea Maestro Handwelted Plum Museum Calf Single Monk strap UK7 Olfe last. Flush fitted steel toe caps added for toe longevity. Also INCLUDING shoe trees! The first two photos are most accurate to true color. This was part of a group MTO on SF initiated last year and my make up was styled on the infamous John Lobb Vale monk strap. They are unavailable to buy in their standard range and require MTO only. I'm hugely disappointed that I...
Mr Kuti is an absolute pleasure to deal with,if you've not owned any Vass before you will not be disappointed!Good luck with the order,look forward to seeing it :-)
This took the same amount of time as their standard calf. Based on availability its typically 6-8 weeks.
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