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Siglo I from a cardboard pack. Quick smoke before retiring for the evening after all chores were done
Smoking right now Mag46. Think it's an LUB box code, might even be the best one yet out of this box.
Your smokes are always special!
Trying to keep things alive here V! Hope to see you back posting soon..
My promotion at work was made official today and announced to the team that I'd be their new manager. Was looking for a stick to celebrate but not smoked a RASS for a while so passed the Cohiba and Trini to revisit.
Now smoking a Sancho Panza 1998 Molinos bought in the Dunhill shop 1a St.James back in May when I was on a trip back to Blighty. Oldest stick I've ever smoked, super smooth and leathery at the moment. Had a bottle of Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill Champagnes 2000 with my wife with dinner tonight which I've had for a year chilling in the fridge as a wedding gift from my team at work. Been wanting to find a reason to have both - every day should be lived as a special...
First smoke yesterday pre BBQ, RASCC 2nd was post BBQ my first ever T52, not up to the hype I've seen written about this stick although just one man's opinion. As I'm smoking more CC/non CC I'm judging for myself and finding my palate preference to be Cuban.
Thursday night's smoke at Cigar Inn on the Upper East side. Was surprised to hear the sale and change of ownership but congrats to the brothers. Tatuaje SW Reserva - just under medium body to my palate, an ok smoke but I was left wanting a little more omph
I could be wrong about the Marlow size - will check tonight, could be 7D. Was just going by memory!
Ok - you're pretty much close to my sizing, so this is my feedback. I have average ish foot shape so I can fit into most without too many issues.I wear UK6.5E for C&J 348/358 lasts and in the RL Marlow wingtip 325 (?) last I wear US7.5D - all three lasts fit ok however slight heel slippage for meWhen I first attempted Vass F - I went for 40.5EU which ended up slightly too big, long in the vamp and oxfords closed completey (search my photos on this thread). Gutted I was and...
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