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Famosos last night.3rd attempt on this from a 5er I got a while back.Not sure I really like these much. During the afternoon I smoked a Diamond Crown Julius Caesar with a new BOTL I met up yesterday at Davidoff on 6th Ave (see I do smoke some non CC!) He came with gifts, I'm going to get him back for that!
Give Sam a call and visit him.He will go through all the range of cloth with you and pricing.I've recently referred 2 guys to him and both have been over the moon with their projects and outcomes.
Last night mini herf with a close friend visiting from the Uk.Bye bye EU PLPC then 898
CCE are damn hard to find at the moment, in fact I've been on the search for boxes for about a year now...Enjoy man
RAE MAY14 RASS tonight to finish off 5 days off work.Passed the Cohiba Piramides which I had planned to smoke but started too late tonight.Still a decent smoke
I do like the 1926 but never had this one.
Nice J.From an era long before I started.Have you smoked any newer production of these?How do they compare (or maybe they don't!)
I'm probably wrong calling it a Monsdale
This custom roll is from my ex-boss who I got into cigars and he's recently gone crazy on buying boxes.He went to Cuba last year,was just chatting to him on whatsapp just now and we both believe this one is a Jorge Lopez rolled Monsdale.He gave me 3 sticks last year (two of which were this size but different rollers and the mule mixed them up!) I've been holding out so this one is about a year old.Bloody delicious cigar and I'm not even half an inch in.Oh dear I sense the...
Tonight I'm trying a Bolivar Corona Gigantes for the first time.Rich from the off.
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