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Another damn warm night in NYC.Another first SLR DC.These are bloody nice too.Shame they're HTF
Pretty damn warm night here in NYC!!First go on this one aswell.Only ever tried Punch Punch.This DC is good!Great BOTL helping me out with one to try - insta cab buy lol
Love finishing work early on a Friday.First try on this Trini Vigia.Hate the format and quite young,still was on my list to try
Why not,it's Tuesday.Had a great dinner with my best friend here in NY whom I've not seen for too long.'14 CoRo for dessert - Sod's law after getting rid of most of this box this one smoked really well 😩
I couldn't muster up the courage to burn my only Cohiba Piramides although it was scheduled for this weekend 😜 Settled for the trusted 898
'11 Sir Winston.Really damn good,these are getting hard to find.Pulling out the long smokes this weekend!
Cheers and it sounds like I need your job!!!👍👊🏻
First try on this young Partagas Lusitania.Really good from the off-2nd ever DC I've ever tried and this one is cab worthy (which is what I feared).Trouble is I'm not sure I'll ever have the time in future to commit to smoking these as I'm expecting my first born within weeks!
Since I had a crappy two days with the weather and tonight's forecast looked better I thought I'd pull out something different.Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales like @JohnGalt,no idea what date this is and it's the last of two I had gotten hold of.
It's bloody raining again but tonight is spitting vs torrential compared to last night.Getting into this D4,lucky all you guys that can smoke inside! Edit-got it wrong,mins later after lighting up the heavy rain came down hard again.Not happy but armed with an umbrella this time I got to covered space but no bench.Wasn't going to chuck tonight's smoke early!!
New Posts  All Forums: