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Sunday night wind down.Not had one of these for a while,bloody love them.EML SEP14
A very late smoke tonight after a day out with the sister in law and her bf who are visiting.A favourite of mine,Monte Esp 2 AUM MAY14
2nd try on the Juan Lopez Seleccion no.2 Quite full to me!No idea on the age as this one was gifted. It's definitely getting cooler out....
I liked this one even more 2nd time round. Would smoke again!Flavours developed much better in the 2nd third onwards. Give it a try!
2nd try on this Diamond Crown Julius Caesar which is classed as a "premium" stick according to several reviewers. I'm enjoying it,it's supposed to be made by Fuente and the flavour is definitely building well.
Sitting out on another lovely night,first up this '14 Epi2.5 left in my box after this one,examples I've smoked this year have beat the CoRo from '14 that I've had (prob smoking them too young) This one ain't too bad either! New World - Diamond Crown Julius Caesar Robusto or Cuban Juan Lopez Seleccion no.2 next?
2nd up VR Famosos.Last of a 5er I got from a BOTL.Really not sure on these,I know there is a lot of love for them and perhaps I need to try another batch
Not sure,this one smoked better than the short Churchill I had last week
Starting later than usual tonight after finishing duties inside.Another perfect night to sit out although the temperature this week has been falling in NYC so this ain't going to last much longer. Not being a fan of the RG,I've only smoked one or two of these wide Churchills before.Gifted from my BOTL in Saskatoon Actually quite enjoying this!!
Was underwhelmed with the Davidoff,was clearly a good cigar/tobacco but lacked the depth of flavour and lingering aftertaste I love with most CC.I smoked the Yamasa and like that more.Will be revisiting that amongst some other releases that have me intrigued like the limited edition Chef and what makes it a $35 cigar (same format and price as Siglo VI and the Davidoff rep was pimpin it to me saying it's better!)
New Posts  All Forums: