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A nice way to start the day off!H.Upmann Connie 1, PLM MAY11.The more I smoke out of this box, the more I'm understanding.Really enjoyable with consistent, clean roasted tobacco flavour and sweetness. These are not to be rushed to savour all the flavours.
Boom! @Sammy - Ascot Great new designs there coming from Vass! Also nice to see your increased participation on here and also IG.
Just came back from Cigar Inn in NYC, not been there in probably a year. Smoked a Tatuaje Especiales Brown label to start which lasted 2+ hours, not bad but I was seeking more complexity. Cost about $12. Followed by this Davidoff Sir Winston robusto. Was seeking what to smoke and thought to try it as its a new release. Top construction as to be expected, cost $18. Reminded me of the Nicaraguan blend somehow, excellent draw but man CC are definitely my preference. Enjoyed...
+1 My museum calf are slightly thinner than standard calf
I think next Cohiba I get I'm going to hunt down El Laguito boxes. Got LOA CoRo and LUB Sig IV from last year that need more time vs what I keep reading about those MUOs
Nice one V!what code?
AGR SEP10-Trini Reyes after breakfast & coffee smoke. Love these sticks and hit the half way mark of the box. Damn delicious, just shame about the good park samaritan telling me I wasn't allowed to smoke and I should distinguish. I thanked him for his kind advice after declining his demand to put it out and enjoyed the rest of the stick.
PLM MAY11-Upmann Connie 1.Enjoying the weather again yesterday after work.This stick started off bitter and went in and out of the bitterness throughout.Bit weird but that's the beauty of CC
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