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Round 2 yeaterday-back in the park with RASS RAE MAY14. Did I mention its forkin cold! First out of the box after 30 days rest.Only my 3rd ever RASS, flavours were good however I reckon they could do with a little more sleep.Construction and draw were spot on.I keep reading 2 years plus makes a big difference on these-doubt I'll be able to resist! Finished the night off with a Boli PC,wow this was such a full flavoured stick.Was too rich/strong for my friends of which...
Day off work yesterday.Post breakfast El Principe in Central Park with glorious sunshine albeit bloody cold!Thought fingers were going to fall off near the end! First from a box after almost 1 month's rest after delivery.Code EML ABR14. I really enjoy this little smooth smoke and am glad to of grabbed a box.
On Manhattan - http://www.bnelsonshoes.com/contact.asp I've personally used them several times for flush screwed in toe plates - excellent attention to detail.
Wow hold your horses chogall - no need for the aggression. I should clarify the Chelsea I mean is not the boot but what has been used previously to call a particular version of toe cap Oxford as per http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u65/green-tea88/Sales%20Thread/GF1DBChelseaVassFLast14.jpgApologies for the confusion, no blame at Vass for anything here.
FWIW I have two pairs of F-last in calf in the same size, one OE II and the other is a Chelsea. Annoyingly I'm finding the heel on the Chelsea to be a tad larger and does not hug the heel like the OE II's, there is some slight heel slippage also the overall vamp feels also slightly more roomy than the OE II. From what I've read on here people find shell vs calf in the same size may feel slightly bigger...I think it's a known fact that Vass can be slightly inconsistent with...
Just some of the many smokes I've had in London during my trip. SDN4 Trini Coloniales Monte Petit Edmundo Trini Reyes Picked up boxes of Trinidad Reyes and Robusto-T, Por Larranaga Regional Edicion Secretos, also a few sticks of Partagas SDN4 and SPN2 also Monte No.2 in Barcelona. Last day in London so will be picking up some scotch at the airport.
Thanks - will sample and buy!
Smoked a gifted Partagas Serie P No.2 last night with friends last night on a NY rooftop bar. I've forgotten how tasty these are and definitely miss Cubans, it's been a while since I've been able to have one. Noticably different IMO from the non Cuban smokes I've been sampling whilst in NY over the past year or so. Will definitely be grabbing a few on my trip to Barcelona to enjoy
So its almost time, I'm probably getting a box of the Por Larranaga Secreto regional edicions and thinking about Trindad Reyes.Will check out whatever else they have regionally.Looks like I need to upgrade the humidor for more capacity!!
Too much chat on here - delivered yesterday Brown museum calf, Austerity brogue on U last, HAF soles, metal toe plates. Nothing specified for welt colour and their preference. I'm very pleased with the outcome
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