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Also burnt this Warped Flor del Valle.Ok smoke although not much transitioning from 2nd third onwards and fairly one dimensional Nice band though 😜
It's been a few months since I last had one of these. Not having ever tried the famed Selectos Finos I can't compare but this Don Jose is pretty good.To my palate its comparable to Partagas in the fact there's a savouriness to the blend much like I find with the D4.
Anyone who has taken to the hobby and is as into it as much the people on this thread have known for a while how to access so I don't think any impact for now, although I heard a little story earlier about some folks on the island looking to buy the famed BHK only to be told they couldn't as pricing was being amended.. Anyway good luck to all, I am potentially going next year.
It's going to be interesting to watch what happens to the market, speculation on supply and demand but how much is it really going to change things.
Paging V @jet to the thread as I've not seen him post for a while!
Nice work as always J! @PartagasIV looks nice where you are.. I'm behind on the posts a couple of weeks but as you can see I'm still getting them in including more New World (really impressed with the Fuente) BRS OCT12 RyJ wide Churchill courtesy of @PartagasIV '14 Boli Belicosos finos from a BOTL in HK '14 PLPC Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserva Robusto (so good!) Warped La Colmena Warped Don Reynaldo
Probably one of the most fascinating parts of the hobby which I enjoy is the evolution of cigars over time. I had a similar experience with a couple of boxes of Monte Petit Edmundo, when I first got them I didn't really like them and now just a couple of years down the road they've become quite delicious!
@OmarDubaibankerSee above post from @PartagasIV as he sums it up perfectly.It's all about the quality of the tobacco to start with and good consistent storage conditions. Several different schools of though re the ageing process and the best thing is really to try it out for yourself and what works for you.
Needs a bit more time although some folks burning through them now and still liking them. Good potential for the medium term IMO. Get them whilst you can as I'm hearing less supply going forward.
Yeh I saw an email earlier with some good pricing. I love this format! ! !
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