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Bl00dy great looking stash there! When I visit the island I am going to get Monsdales, some Reynaldo Lancero for sure (smoked my furst custom last Tuesday whilst watching the lunar eclipse and it was one of these). Also keep hearing about La China, Yolanda and Alex (Commodore hotel I think V)
Unfortunately not Sir - all my MTO were from the UK when I lived there. Would prob jump at the option if it was over here in NYC as the standard is high in comparison to other offerings out there...
All 3 of my MTO Scuderi suits are made in Italy - I doubt they have moved production although could be wrong. They are my work staples, love the detailing at the price I got them for.
All good and I welcome the info - I've been pretty lucky early on in terms of meeting the right people and finding legit sources. Any recommendations for forums?
Only just seen the replies to this thread - I was discussing with my friend the sourcing of those and we have come to a possible conclusion that it's gotta be someone high up on the island who's able to procure them. A few different theories. I am trying to get hold of a few for myself. Will report back if it ever happens.
Thanks for posting - I also reached to John but was not as thoughtful as your good self to post his response I am interested to see how their MTM will turn out and will be good to see some examples in NYC
V - you're the man, I am trying to stock up on those, only smoked my first couple in the past month or so. Great stick indeed bro. I too am battling the Cohiba vs the rest (they're so bl00dy expensive)
These have nothing to do with Mitchell/Cgars if you're referring to the smokes I had. Completely different source.
Prob the best smokes I've had this year, met up with a friend of mine from London who is visiting NY. He bought the goods, both sticks super exclusive and rare. Custom Presidencia Robusto (typically diplomatic gifts) and Che Double Corona (rolled for a humidor release). Both rolled at El Laguito.
Davidoff on 6th Ave, reasonable selection with a well ventilated smoking lounge if needed. Cigar Inn (between 53rd/54th and 2nd Ave) a fairly good selection, although not been recently
New Posts  All Forums: