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Can anyone who was there comment on the color of the plaids? A lot of good stuff in this collection.
sell me that green plaid. I went to nomad too late the day of the black friday sale... still regret it.
There's a 44 on yahoo jp if you don't mind a used one. The charcoal is amazing too though, I'd keep both if I were you.By the way, if anyone has a black plaid armhole shirt from last f/w let me know. I have to replace mine
They've had it for a while now. I ordered the check shirt off there a few months back, managed them to get them to ship to me after a long series of emails. A proxy would probably be a better idea.
Hi, I'm looking for this in a small or medium. Hanger and bag would be nice as well but not necessary. Will pay well, especially for a small. PM me your price, thanks.
I dealt with Blackbird a while ago and the service was good, but I'm pretty sure they've closed down though.
I'm guessing that the sleeves are too long when they're rolled down? Looks good though. I've seen a few of those grey/oatmeal dip dyes this summer and I'm starting to regret not buying them..
Fit pics of that dip dye? Also if that's the oversized dotted shirt up there, Maas and Stacks still has them I believe.
Speaking of bombers, does anyone have info on this one in the third pic?
As much as I love the tencel, this seasons version is pretty baggy and fits pretty badly (not the way I was hoping anyway). Does anyone have an idea about how the SS14 model is going to be? Hoping for a full length, slim fit version.
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