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 They're very different cars. RR was more comfortable and had much better offroading capabilities, whereas the Macan is quite novel in its striking sportiness for an SUV at this price. However, my RR was a previous gen and I hear the newer gens are much improved, especially the performance versions. I stand by my M3 comment; believe me, I was surprised too. That said, the Macan needs things like PASM and sports exhaust to compare with an M3. I'm not talking about...
 Agreed. Not sure why there seems to be so much hate towards SUVs. I think people who strongly dislike premium SUVs haven't actually driven them out of predisposition. Even if you don't buy the premium SUVs to go off-roading, they offer a great driving experience every day when compared with an equally priced premium sedan.  Personally, I traded in my 2013 Range Rover Sport for a 2014 E350 and regretted the decision. For not much of a price difference, the RR had a more...
Thoughts on the Levante? If this has been discussed, please ignore. Curious if this will be a quality car, and what would be it's selling points...  
What is it?
Thanks! Having never liked the Cayenne, I thought a Porsche SUV wasn't my thing until I drove this one. In terms of handling, can't say it's anywhere close to a Cayman or 911, but it does have that Porsche sports car feel that you get from their coupes. I'm happy with it.
She's finally here!            
Quick question: Is the car tax for NY state set at 8.875%, same as clothes and things? Quick search online doesn't show this number. Would a dealer lie about that?   Never mind, I figured it out.
Quick question: When signing a contract to purchase a new construction property (condominium unit), is it important for the buyer (me) and the sponsor (seller) to have our ink signatures on the original document? Or is it good enough to send scanned, digital copies to be signed?
Hey guys,     I have an opportunity to suggest a building manager company to a developer constructing a new luxury condominium building, from which I will be purchasing a unit. Do you know of any reputable managers who manage some of the more luxury condos in NYC?   Thanks in advance!
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