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 The photo with the two light fixtures is misleading. In my unit, nothing is on the ceilings. The photo is is that of the unit directly below mine. The two units are exactly the same.  The birds-eye 3D view shows my current furniture ideas. Like you guys said, I'm keeping the sofa+dining layout the same in the living room. I'm taking a minimalist approach both for aesthetics and to prevent crowding the smallish place. With that in mind, I've been looking through pinterest...
Here we go, some photos. I wanted inset lights but the inspector told me that the ceilings are solid rock and they can't do it. The furnished photos are from the StreetEasy listing, so I may take them down soon.    
Thanks for all the input. I've schedule for repainting of all walls with some good paint. Anyone have experience installing ceiling lights from scratch (no existing hole/fixture)? How might that work? I'm thinking something like this in LED:  
Yeah. The prices for what I'm looking certainly hurts. I've been looking to piece together a good combo from DWR, Boconcept, and Modernfurniture.com (Canal). I'll upload some combos later on.
That's nothing. A good shop can fix it like new for somewhere between $300-400.
What does that mean? :)
Yeah wheels are stock option (S wheels). Many people do indeed lower this car to make it look even better. I preferred to keep it stock for convenience. Such a fun car...sad to see it go, but I'm relocating to NYC.
If anyone wants to buy a pristine 2005 Boxster at a good price, PM me!
Yup, starting from scratch. Thanks for the info!
Hey all,   I'm near closing for a new condo and I'm starting to look at furniture. It's a small condo at 1300 sq ft and I'd like to give it a very modern design. I visited BoConcept today and liked several of their stuff. What other brands are similar or better in quality and modern in concept? Also, i'd be willing to share the floorplan if you like designing a home and wish to give me some input.   Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: