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Hey guys,   A couple days ago I received two traffic violation tickets for turning from the wrong lane in nyc. One for the turn and one for ignoring ground signs (Or something like that... the officer's handwriting is illegible). However, without going into too much detail, I didn't actually turn from the wrong lane, but merged to the correct lane prior to making the turn. The officer didn't have a clear view and he saw it wrong. Obviously I'd like to fight these...
Thread resurrection, but what if I didn't actually make an illegal turn, but the nyc cop gave me the ticket anyway? I merged first but he wasn't it a vantage position to see that. Will this be an easy fight when they check the cameras? What if the camera didn't record or something?
I've had a new 2014 E350 since last July (6 months/3,000 mi), and I've encountered something annoying, although not very seriously so:   They must have forgotten to reset the service schedule within the car when I purchased it, as it's already throwing the "service A overdue" message way before the 1-yr/10,000mile mark. If Mercedes resets this clock without performing the service, the schedule timings will be off in the car system. I know it's no big deal, but I would...
what are the qualities of horse hide leather jackets, compared with lamb and calf? 
What are the qualities of horse hide leather jackets?
Will barneys keep increasing their discount? Up to how much % by year-end?
Thanks so much guys. That helps.
Whats the down feather % inside?
Does the tumb tacks actually work on iphones without problems?
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