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^the back of that car looks soooooo good.
What insurance company do you all use for your cars, and why? I've mindlessly been with geico but I keep hearing bad things about them from people who actually needed to make claims.   Plus my dealer won't loan the cars they sell to geico policy holders, instead giving us some cheap enterprise car.
 That's awesome. He sounds like a very cool guy from the Youtube videos.
Selling my '05 Boxster. It is such a fun car... A bit sad to see it go, but I can't use it in Nyc.
I'm no longer worried after speaking with the buyer on the phone. I think this will be a smooth transaction. They're bringing a Charles Schwab check and I said okay.
Thanks for the guidance, gents! I spoke with the buyer and they seem to be very nice people. Agreed for Cashier's check deposited immediately at my bank. Meeting up tomorrow to finalize.
Thanks for the responses. Has anyone done a private sale title transfer in PA? Wondering if I really need to visit the DMV for a notary like it says on the PA DMV website.
 Thanks. Is a Cashier's check generally considered secure for taking payment? 
Someone just "bought" my car on Ebay without asking anything or calling, although my description was pretty good. I sent them a message asking them to call me. Any tips on what I should do for a successful transaction? First time selling a car privately...
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