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Hey guys,   I'll be on vacation at LA & Vegas (Through LAX). Early March, with my wife, no kids, 8 days. I'd like to rent a nice car during my stay (preferably sports car, convertible O.K.). I'm thinking a 981 Porsche boxster/cayman/ 991-911, BMW Z4, M3 (maybe even 335), or similar. Any recommendations on where to rent ?   Thanks in advance!
 What will this do for me, if the buyer shows a stain? I quoted the buyer word-by-word - Will Ebay consider that feedback extortion (What happens then)? How do I report feedback extortion?
A buyer just contacted me about a sweater she purchased:   "I don't want to 'effect' your ratings, but there is a stain on the lower bottom of the sweater. It is not as described."   I'm certain there is no stain and my photos don't show any signs of stain. How should I respond to this?
Hey guys,   I sold a Valentino Dress and my photos clearly showed no belt. The dress has tiny little belt loops, which I've close-up photographed, but I didn't specifically mention "no belt" in the listing because it didn't seem integral to the item.   The buyer opened a case about it, so I explained politely how there is no belt in the listing, and offered a return for full refund.   The buyer refused the offer and requested a $20 partial refund to "get a belt."...
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Thanks Mike. The professional opinions match what you've said - I'm very relieved. Will report back with photos that hopefully show a shiny new door.
^ lol I'm not quite sure what you meant, but it sounds kind of funny. The new 2014 models have quite a bit of changes... the new sport looks more like the evoque than the big daddy rover.
I agree that the second shop recommends involving insurance to collect a portion of the bill. They are a serious/upscale business that attracts many supercar owners, and from their pitch, I got the impression that they would hit the insurance company hard and collect a good profit while also satisfying the customer by doing a meticulous job (also they include stuff like cleaning & waxing the entire car, lol).    My impression is that the aluminum panel is not warped -...
Thanks for your input, guys. Today I visited two well-regarded auto shops that handle nice cars. Here's what each said - if anyone has any opinions regarding which shop to choose, please chime in! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Century Auto Body (Bala Cynwyd, PA): Would remove the door handle, mirror, window trim, and sand the damage area down. Then apply primer / filler to the gashes to fill them in, then...
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