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Thanks. Will look forward to being entertained.   I'm looking in the $600-800 range for a 6x9'. I'm looking for a shaggy one for the sofa area and a cowhide for the dining table area. What kind of material should I look for shaggy?
Hey guys,   I'm looking for two rugs, approximately 6'x10', for the living room. I saw some that I liked at BoConcept, but choices are limited. Where else can I find some similar-quality rugs online or in Manhattan/Brooklyn?   Best, Young 
Are there any downsides to getting these installed, compared with regular toe taps? Anyone know a place in downtown manhattan who can install?
^that must be a kick-ass condo.
macjedi: Dark brown
Just received a pair of Kent's captoes. Remarks:   -They're certainly on-par with C&J and Carmina in terms of quality. -The last fits me better. -The design is amazing. The beveled waist is awesome, and I prefer Kent's shoes to C&J/Carmina for this alone. -Leather is supple and feels durable. -Color is even better in person than shown online.     I'm going to jump on a second pair. Anyone (or Kent) know if the plaintoes & captoes share the exact same lasts? The...
Excited to receive a benchgrade pair tomorrow. I have both C&J and Carmina, so I'd be happy to write up a review. I'm certain Kent's words will hold true.
Old pic of navy KW  
-In perfectly working condition. -Like-new exterior condition. -Mac will come with factory settings and programs. -Charger is included. -Battery unit was replaced by the Apple Store ($130) in May 2014. Thus, battery life is excellent. -See below for details page. -Let me know if you have specific questions.                    
-Size 49-20-140 -Never worn -Demo lenses never replaced -Black -Case included -Original booklet and wipe included -MSRP $300            
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