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Thanks for your reply, that is helpful - I'll mention the metallic film when I talk with the installer. I'm concerned equally on the furniture fading and the heat. I was thinking that the UV and heat were related in that blocking most of the UV rays would reduce the heat enough to more comfortable levels. Based on your parents' home, would you say that the light is doing most of the heating?
I'm looking to have the below windows tinted/treated in my living room. I haven't installed blinds on this side because there are no privacy issues and I'd always want to see the view. However, the room gets super hot during the days and I'm worried about my floors and furniture becoming discolored. Do they have treatments that wouldn't mess with the colors and won't reflect at night, while blocking out most of the heat? If so, what should I look to pay, given each window...
New and never used. No scratches or imperfections. MSRP $490.              
The famous Meisterstuck! New and never used. No scratches or imperfections. MSRP $420.              
In new condition with original wrapping still intact, along with box and card from authorized dealer. MSRP $3400 USD.                  
Good condition; some minor scratches consistent with light use.                
Does anyone know the model name of this Mont Blanc pen?  
I was gifted these things. I think the Hermes is a Quartz movement. Does anyone know the model name for the Longines?
Has anyone posted this yet? If not, it's hot news in my opinion:   Ferrari Dino to Return as a V6-Engined Sports Car
Does suiting up noticeably change a dealer's attitude towards you, like willingness to let you test drive?
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