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Like-new condition 100% Cotton Black MSRP $260        
Recent season 100% cashmere, made in scotland MSRP $495 Like-new condition        
C&J Lingfield Chelsea Boots in size US 7.5 / UK 6.5. The last of the shoes are no. 348. Worn only a handful of times - no apparent scratches/scuffs.    http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/lingfield-black                    
For sale is a like-new pair of Dr. Martens classic boots in black, size US 7. I wore them out once and unfortunately did not like how they feel. White laces purchased from Dr. Martens store (see receipt). Original laces are not included.                    
Great shoes. I'm interested and sent you a PM.
A classic Louis Vuitton business bag in Epi leather. As shown in the photos, the hardware has some patina but the leather is in excellent shape. There are no noticeable scratches or fraying in the leather, and the shape is well intact.   MSRP was around $4000.              
Thanks guys. I was quoted $1500 for coating those windows with a nearly colorless film that would block UV rays and reduce heat. Seems a bit high, given that it costs much less to do my car, which is a much more difficult job due to the curved glasses. 
I have seen those exact films. Reviews say that they completely mess up the night views, reflecting inside lights like crazy.   It's a bit harder to find examples of more high-end films like they put on nice cars, but for residences (and without color). I was hoping to get some personal advice based on experience.
Thanks for your reply, that is helpful - I'll mention the metallic film when I talk with the installer. I'm concerned equally on the furniture fading and the heat. I was thinking that the UV and heat were related in that blocking most of the UV rays would reduce the heat enough to more comfortable levels. Based on your parents' home, would you say that the light is doing most of the heating?
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