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Hey Homer! I've sent a PM for a first-order!
Lengthening 0.25'' would look better.
AC Cantarelli Sport Coat AC Cantarelli is Cantarelli's more modern, slim-fit line of menswear Size: US36 / EU46 Color: Dark Blue Material: Cotton Lining: Sleeves 3-roll-2 button Slim fit Non-functional sleeve buttonholes Unpadded shoulders Spring-Summer Measurements: 17'' Shoulder-to-shoulder 19'' Chest-to-Chest 25'' Sleeves 28'' Length
That second jacket fits really well.
Who made the suit? Looks great.
what are the prescriptions?
Measurements are probably not the best to gauge fit, as my way of measuring is nowhere standardized. More info: -The shirt is slightly less slim than a RLBL shirt in the same size -The shirt is similar in slimness to Brook's brothers' slimmest shirts in the same size -The shirt is similar in slimness to Kent Wang's size 15 I wear size 36S jackets and waist 29-30 pants. This shirt is slim but not skinny on me-- if you're similar to my size, it would fit you.
Anyone willing to take a Barba from STF off my hands? New & awesome!
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