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Brand: Barba Napoli, Black Label "Cucito a mano" (Handsewn) Condition: New without tags; This shirt is amazingly high quality in material, construction, and fit. MSRP: $325 Size: EU 37 / US 14.5 Fit: Slim, with high armholes, shaped waist, and slim sleeves Color: Light blue with mini black/blue checks; Looks solid light blue from just a few steps back- very elegant. The color of the flash-pictures are most accurate. Buttons: High quality mother of pearl Collar: Spread...
Appreciate the input.Guys,Any advice for a specific agency in Miami from experience? I'm unfamiliar with rental and just heard that some companies have policies & rates that give you a hard time when returning the car...
Hey guys! I'm taking a trip to Miami in a week, and I plan on renting a car when I land at the airport. Could you give me any recommendations on a good place to rent a nicer car, say, bmw 3 series.
PRICE DROPPED to 399 for TODAY ONLY. Unusual discount with a new, popular Suit Supply product!
^good idea. That would be helpful.
lol tits!
Shouldn't be too hard for a tailor to diagnose/fix.
Any sales ongoing currently in-store?
I like the suit hangers+pants hanger from Kirby Hanger Project.
My experiences with their customer service has been nothing short of great. To note, I've always called them in person. P.S. Anyone still interested in the sold-out Merano coat? I got a new one for more than a ~$140 discount.
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