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I completely don't understand why one would view open top cars so negatively. I've actually never heard that, ever. In terms of Porsche, I've heard that the boxster is a hairdresser's car in California. Even that's stupid... go drive a boxster and find out.
I think that should help. Just be careful as shortening the back rise significantly will end up causing the front of the trousers to be closer to the legs. This will detract from the clean fall of the material at the front. It's all about the balance.   Oh, and make sure you're wearing the pants at the right height... I find that many guys like to wear them at the hips, which is another cause of the bunching.
 I know how to fix this for sure. Play around with your front and back rises. If you make your front rise longer than your back, the pants should fall much more nicely from your buttocks to your legs. The back rise, front rise, and thigh circumference will be key to a clean fit. Done properly, you should be able to remove all creases at the back legs. I played around with these three factors and I have no creases with KW pants. Examples that will cause the wrinkles at the...
Getting a new 14' E350 at $10K off. Most floor models have 4Matic. Dealer says it's "required" for east coast weather (NYC). I see that it adds 200 lbs to the car. What are your opinions on 4Matic? I usually lean against this kind of stuff for sedans.
 I decided to go all-out on the place and replace everything from flooring to power jacks and light switches. Anyone have any recommendations for the Brooklyn area? How do I go about finding people who will do quality work with these things? Because I'm inexperienced, I always find that the most difficult part...
Anyone know if the NYC stores stock size 36S in suits?
Thats unfortunate because I'm moving out of my address...Anyone have the customer service email?
I placed my order on 6/1 but still have not received it here in PA, USA....Is it normal?
Looks like I'm going to need a new mattress. Any recommendations for NYC shops?
 I've checked out some of those lamps and they look awesome. It's definitely a fun process to choose.. I'm quite looking forward to visiting some showrooms once I'm settled into NY.
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