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Brand: Barba Napoli, Black Label "Cucito a mano" (Handsewn) Condition: New without tags; This shirt is amazingly high quality in material, construction, and fit. MSRP: $325 Size: EU 37 / US 14.5 Fit: Slim, with high armholes, shaped waist, and slim sleeves Color: Light blue with mini black/blue checks; Looks solid light blue from just a few steps back- very elegant. The color of the flash-pictures are most accurate. Buttons: High quality mother of pearl Collar: Spread...
Anyone interested in taking a new Barba shirt, from STF, off of my hand? It's awesome but definitely going to a new home due to my weight gain...
I found the Barba much better overall, especially the sleeves-- they are properly slim. The one I have is Barba black label, sewn by hand- it's for sale.
That looks like a great fit. Shoulders may be the slightest big, but overall impeccable. Good for you!
Also interested!
Awesome photos. Thanks for that.
I vote for the top speedmaster!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the jeans!
Love that tie!!!
Here's a 3-roll-2 with wide lapels. Button stance lowered, and I'm a short guy.
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