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DEALS FOR THE WIFE:   8 Photos Valentino Made in Italy White Silk Womens Top Blouse Shirt Dress Size 8 GORGEOUS       Expedited shipping available Time left:5d 23h leftSunday, 9PM $99.00 0 bids   4 Photos Marc Jacobs Cotton White Black A-Line Pleated Womens Bottom Skirt Sz 8...
Thanks. How do i turn on rich text editor?
How do we "copy" the ebay selling items page like the guys do on the "What I'm Selling" thread? I mean the photos, links, and the ebay layout is just copied directly onto the posting on SF...how???
^^ Guys above: How do we replicate those ebay selling links here?
Thats very interesting. Please keep us updated!
Thanks a lot!Do you guys think that lowering my starting bids to 9.99 will help draw more views? Is that part of the Ebay search algorithm?
I just started Selling on Ebay, and I've looked at many of your suggestions to start. I'm having trouble getting any views on my stuff... I averaged like 10 views per item last week. Can you see what improvements I can make to get more views & bids? My Ebay Page
Oops, Delete!
Charvet Tie Ebay Link Zegna Cashmere Sweater Ebay Link Other Ties Link to my Ties on Ebay
Hey guys, My wife just started selling on Ebay, and it seems she is having trouble getting views on her stuff... I'm no expert, but I feel like the titles have something to do with it. Any diagnoses and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! http://www.ebay.com/sch/nunu_bentley/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
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