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Hey guys,   I'm looking for a two-piece's length of black barathea fabric for a tux. Anyone have any to sell, or can you recommend a source for me? Thanks in advance!
Hello guys,   I'm looking to install a water purification system for my home. Something like "AccuPure." Do you have any recommendations?   Best, Young
Hey guys,   I'm looking to purchase an upright piano in NYC. Any recommendations for dealers/stores? I'm looking to get one in the Yamaha / Young Chang range.
Thanks. Will look forward to being entertained.   I'm looking in the $600-800 range for a 6x9'. I'm looking for a shaggy one for the sofa area and a cowhide for the dining table area. What kind of material should I look for shaggy?
Hey guys,   I'm looking for two rugs, approximately 6'x10', for the living room. I saw some that I liked at BoConcept, but choices are limited. Where else can I find some similar-quality rugs online or in Manhattan/Brooklyn?   Best, Young 
Are there any downsides to getting these installed, compared with regular toe taps? Anyone know a place in downtown manhattan who can install?
^that must be a kick-ass condo.
macjedi: Dark brown
Just received a pair of Kent's captoes. Remarks:   -They're certainly on-par with C&J and Carmina in terms of quality. -The last fits me better. -The design is amazing. The beveled waist is awesome, and I prefer Kent's shoes to C&J/Carmina for this alone. -Leather is supple and feels durable. -Color is even better in person than shown online.     I'm going to jump on a second pair. Anyone (or Kent) know if the plaintoes & captoes share the exact same lasts? The...
Excited to receive a benchgrade pair tomorrow. I have both C&J and Carmina, so I'd be happy to write up a review. I'm certain Kent's words will hold true.
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