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Thanks all!
Thanks a lot, all!
Concern: I need to ship something to China worth $6000. The item is a motion-sensing glove used in science. I want to choose the quickest and safest shipment method, regardless of price...   What would you recommend? (This is a favor for a friend; I could deny...) What are potential dangers?  Any experiences with shipping such high-dollar items to China? If insured, would the receiver be taxed significantly? (The same item is priced at $8000+ in China)
Thanks for the recommendations! Checked out mulholland drive at night - a little too dark, but had a blast!
I'll be visiting LA & Vegas for the next week. I'm renting a 911 or 987 boxster... Can you guys recommend some great, winding roads?
Macan? Gets rave reviews.
:) 911 Turbo Put to Good Use: Pursues & Blocks Hit & Runner    
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Hey guys,   I'm booked for a flight from Philadelphia->LAX on Thursday (6th), but something important came up just now in conflict. I booked through Hotwire and the cost of exchange+fare difference is $2000+. Is there any way to get out of this? I remember that when I was late for a flight a few times, the people at the airport simply put me on a later flight at no charge... is that the norm? Tickets are from United Airline. Any advice?
Does the feedback left by a buyer stay if I decide to accept the return for full refund?
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