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Thats unfortunate because I'm moving out of my address...Anyone have the customer service email?
I placed my order on 6/1 but still have not received it here in PA, USA....Is it normal?
Looks like I'm going to need a new mattress. Any recommendations for NYC shops?
 I've checked out some of those lamps and they look awesome. It's definitely a fun process to choose.. I'm quite looking forward to visiting some showrooms once I'm settled into NY.
Artimedes looks really good.
I'd love to see some of your lighting...You seem very knowledgeable on this.   Moving question: I may try to carry a queen size bed on top of my range rover sport from Philly to NY, ~100 Miles. I've never bound anything to the car roof before.. is it safe? Should I buy those racks (where)? Any other advice on that?
Thanks. I'll check those out. It's been very difficult to find good lamps without going ridiculous with the price. I'd like to stay well below $500 for each...  What does this mean? Would I have to re-paint after the work?  From what I've been told, I think that the ceilings are solid rock...That probably makes things more difficult.
 The photo with the two light fixtures is misleading. In my unit, nothing is on the ceilings. The photo is is that of the unit directly below mine. The two units are exactly the same.  The birds-eye 3D view shows my current furniture ideas. Like you guys said, I'm keeping the sofa+dining layout the same in the living room. I'm taking a minimalist approach both for aesthetics and to prevent crowding the smallish place. With that in mind, I've been looking through pinterest...
Here we go, some photos. I wanted inset lights but the inspector told me that the ceilings are solid rock and they can't do it. The furnished photos are from the StreetEasy listing, so I may take them down soon.    
Thanks for all the input. I've schedule for repainting of all walls with some good paint. Anyone have experience installing ceiling lights from scratch (no existing hole/fixture)? How might that work? I'm thinking something like this in LED:  
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