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Thanks for the reply. Any advise based on experience? I'm thinking ill just mark down the price and send by USPS priority if people say that they've done this before; otherwise, I'll stay safe with Express...
I hope this doesn't bother anyone. I thought this is the best place to ask given that the experts hang out here:   -Any tips on returning high-dollar goods back to SSense from the US? Their instructions say to use USPS, but the total value of items through customs can't exceed $400 with USPS Priority. I'm looking for advise on what to write on customs forms to help smoothly send a return package back to Canada.
anyone know of any online sources for Belstaff jackets with small sizes in stock?
Out of Bergdorf, Saks, and Barney's, which has the best black friday sales?
How does SSense's tax system work... I dont see a tax figure at the final order step. (Shipping to US)
Kent,   I saw on your website the pricing list for overcoats. When can we order them? Does it work the same way as suits?
How warm is this? Could you describe the weight & weave for me? Where do you live? I sent a PM as well
what's the tagged size?
I was standing in line for lunch and some lady dropped her can of mountain dew, which exploded and placed several droplets on my gray suit pants. I let it dry and it left some stains. The suit is new so I prefer not to dry clean it. Is there a smart way to remove just the small soda stains?
Hi all,   I'm selling a like-new iPhone 5S purchased this January, 2014. I paid full price for the unlocked version. It is still under warranty until Jan, 2015. All functions of the phone are brilliant and it has superb battery life.   The phone will come with a charger. Shipping cost is included only for the U.S.              
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