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Yeah wheels are stock option (S wheels). Many people do indeed lower this car to make it look even better. I preferred to keep it stock for convenience. Such a fun car...sad to see it go, but I'm relocating to NYC.
If anyone wants to buy a pristine 2005 Boxster at a good price, PM me!
Yup, starting from scratch. Thanks for the info!
Hey all,   I'm near closing for a new condo and I'm starting to look at furniture. It's a small condo at 1300 sq ft and I'd like to give it a very modern design. I visited BoConcept today and liked several of their stuff. What other brands are similar or better in quality and modern in concept? Also, i'd be willing to share the floorplan if you like designing a home and wish to give me some input.   Thanks!
Hello,   I'm looking to purchase a condominium in Manhattan within the next year (Sooner the better). My primary goal for the purchase is as an investment, but would seriously consider living there for the next 3-5 years. I've never purchased property in the US before, so naturally, I'm hoping to gain some basic knowledge through research before I start meeting real estate agents. It would be great to hear from members who have owned / currently own a condominium in NYC...
Watching the moment of impact and the damaged area, the car may have gone airbourne due to the tires hitting at the right angle, rather than due to high speed. Judging by the google street view (The Mazda came out of the street and crossed the opposing traffic lane to enter the impact zone, all with a clear view), the Mazda should have had plenty of room & time to see the lambo coming... it's pretty clear that this accident was caused by the Mazda driver. The Lambo driver...
Yup. Between you guys' suggestions and that from friends, I think that she handled the negotiations professionally and pleasantly. Also luckily, she obtained a couple other offers since I posted, which helped her a lot. Again, thanks very much for your inputs!
Thanks very much- that's very helpful. Upon discussion during the interview, the interviewer told her that she would choose preferred offices and they would try to match. We asked further on the phone yesterday, and they said that the decision would be made during her 2-month training. It's a little tricky for me to be uncertain about where we may end up.   The firm appears to be undergoing transformation (expansion, it seems...).
Good idea, and we have indeed reached out to other consultants via LinkedIn.
Thanks, will do. We've decided negotiating by phone would be the most proper approach. If the company was willing to provide relocation reimbursements, do you think that they would have specifically mentioned it in the letter? Also, if the company doesn't mention performance-based bonus at year-end, does that mean they don't do that for this position? (I ask because other, similar firms have this for an equivalent position)   Also, it doesn't make sense to me that one...
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