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^that must be a kick-ass condo.
macjedi: Dark brown
Just received a pair of Kent's captoes. Remarks:   -They're certainly on-par with C&J and Carmina in terms of quality. -The last fits me better. -The design is amazing. The beveled waist is awesome, and I prefer Kent's shoes to C&J/Carmina for this alone. -Leather is supple and feels durable. -Color is even better in person than shown online.     I'm going to jump on a second pair. Anyone (or Kent) know if the plaintoes & captoes share the exact same lasts? The...
Excited to receive a benchgrade pair tomorrow. I have both C&J and Carmina, so I'd be happy to write up a review. I'm certain Kent's words will hold true.
Old pic of navy KW  
-In perfectly working condition. -Like-new exterior condition. -Mac will come with factory settings and programs. -Charger is included. -Battery unit was replaced by the Apple Store ($130) in May 2014. Thus, battery life is excellent. -See below for details page. -Let me know if you have specific questions.                    
-Size 49-20-140 -Never worn -Demo lenses never replaced -Black -Case included -Original booklet and wipe included -MSRP $300            
-Size 50-20-145 -Never worn -Demo lenses never replaced -Dark Brown -Case included -Original booklet and wipe included -MSRP $300              
Although I love the fit of this suit, I'm listing it as I give it almost no mileage because I have too many navy suits and I need space in my closet. The suit jacket is meant to be worn as a sport coat as well, and the fabric goes well as such. This is an extremely high quality suit for the price. I'd say on par with RLPL with the right fabric. The fit is extremely well balanced for a size 36S slim. Sleeves and pants have plenty of fabric to shorten /...
Recent suit from Kent. Please excuse the bathroom shot.  
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