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Flannel Bay Single Breasted Overcoat in Loro Piana Wool, Dark Gray100% Wool, Very soft hand, Made in Italy, Warm WeightNeapolitan Styling ConditionGently Used; No Damages, smells, odd wrinkles, or other defects; excellent condition OptionsNatural Shoulders - No PaddingSingle BreastedBeautiful lapel rollNeapolitan styling Approximate Measurements (Laid flat):Shoulder 16.5'' Chest 19.5''Waist 18.25''Sleeve 24''Length 38''
I have 2 yards (a jacket's length) of each. $80/yard + actual cost of shipping.   1. Brown Hardy Minnis 100% Wool Hopsack - I'd say 14-15oz. Large weaves. 2. Navy Loro Piana 100% Wool Hopsack - Mid-weight, I'd say 13-14oz. Medium, tight weaves. SOLD
I've decided not to fund these winter hopsacks - up for grabs if anyone is interested - PM me. I have a jacket's length of each (2 yards)   Brown Minnis 100% wool winter hopsack:         Navy Loro Piana 100% wool winter hopsack:      
 Hey - they're made by a Korean tailor shop called "Bowtie." It's not their house style but they're quite flexible in terms of accommodating requests.
How does the Forest last compare with the Uetam? I have a pair of Uetam and I'm trying to order a Forest pair from Carmina USA. I know the Uetam probably has a lower instep, but what about width and length?   Also, the Carmina USA website has the width listed as "EE" for loafers with Forest lasts - is this the standard size for Forest-last loafers, or did they just run out of medium widths?
Casual for the weekend. Wearing Bntailor's high-rise jeans, which are perfect to wear with jackets.  
lol "Winter" hopsack - I was thinking this would be versatile given that I sit indoors all day. The weight helps keep warm when layered with a coat but the relatively open weave makes it comfortable to wear indoor in heated rooms all day.
I didn't take any photos at the fittings, but here are the final results with a Korean tailor I've used as my entry into bespoke. The jacket was made with something from Martin & Sons and the pants with a wool gabardine from Scabal.             
Picked up this Minnis heavy winter hopsack in brown. The weave is very "neat" and tight, hand is soft - I really like the texture. However, I'm having second thoughts about the color - would it look brighter once made as a jacket and stand out too much? First photo depicts the color accurately.    
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