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If there is one thing I wish everyone on this forum could work on is encorporating pictures where they are doing something. While the standard full length mirror "Judge my fit" picture is useful, I find that when an outfit is put into a distinct setting, a definitive location (for lack of a better word), the quality of the fit skyrockets. Obviously it isn't entirely practical to apply this idea to every picture you take but I still think it really adds a lot to MC and SW&D...
Accepted into Uni. Soccer tryout for said university this weekend Challenge accepted
Didn't go out with friends so as to wake up tmrw at 6am for a soccer tryout. Gotta keep your eye on the prize
Tbh I don't feel as though I have a strong enough grasp on what each facet consists of to pass judgement. With that in mind, I was leaning more towards Int. Business, IB and finance.
Just got accepted into university for Business Administration. Without a big shpeel on who I am and what I stand for etcetcetc, what are the main career directions I can head in? I'm currently aware of marketing, Int. business, finance, investment banking, commerce, business admin, human resources, and accounting. Probably not the clearest description but I'd appreciate any words of wisdom.
Highschool clothes, keep it simple. J&J sweater Hanes v-neck Zara jeans Le coq sportif Toulon
Current state yay/nay?
Hair is always short and I've begun my quest into the world longer hair for the first time ever. Stay short or go long?
This thread has inspired me to use kickass names in public locations
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 We need more of this in the world: [IMG][IMG] ...Where2cop similar jawns? I am eying those Kane joints but $$$$ More headaches?
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