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This is their MTM order form.
I actually don't like the Marlow laces, I would try to get something else. They don't hold a knot as well as laces that are more waxed.
I actually don't know. I borrowed it off the internet somewhere....
I beg to differ. It is more than just a language issue. Balmoral oxfords are not only close throated, but they also have horizontal seam that goes from the vamp to the back of the shoe. Just like how an Adelaide is a specific type of oxford.Picture sourced from
Agree that the whole cut is more formal between the that and the captoe, but I'm not sure that would be my go to for an interview shoe. I still maintain that none of the shoes posted in the whole cut discussion are Balmorals though.
Believe me I know all about big orange divers. I have an Orange Samurai myself in titanium. I don't feel comfortable wearing that one to work, but I do have a Seamaster GMT also that I do feel comfortable wearing to work.I also have a vintage (60s) Omega that I bought that seems to be in good working order, but the Omega technician at the boutique on 5th avenue said was not in working order. Keeps good time to me, just ticks a little loud, so I won't get serviced until...
Those are the ones that RKD is wearing too right?
But at the same time don't confuse balmoral with oxford. All balmorals are oxfords, but not all oxfords are balmorals.
Sorry I wasn't clear in my last post, but what I was trying to address was your comment that divers were not appropriate for work. This is all subjective and would really depend on your work environment, but I don't think many people would care if you wore a diver or a formal watch in a "work" environment. In fact, I think most people think a Submariner is a "dressy" watch and only because it is a Rolex.
I think most of the time people will not pay attention to your watch. Timex is even work appropriate for some people.
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