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GA is running out of time, but I've enjoyed the game so far.
Get cooling seats, brah.
I'm a huge fan of black interiors. Haven't had any other color interior since 2000.
+ 30 = 48,653
Having a great time in Chicago for the holiday weekend. Work has been great, but so busy that I skipped my usual vacation the last week in July, and was totally swamped throughout August. This break couldn't have come soon enough. Fantastic meals at Goosefoot and Alinea so far and a good day of shopping, particularly at the new Brioni store. Life is good.
Congrats! Good luck with the last one. You're on a roll so my guess is that you'll ace that one, too.
Congrats! This is great news.
Striking up a conversation with a stranger anywhere would be totally out of character for me. I prefer that stangers not try to do so with me, but if they do, I'm usually okay with it, except on a plane.
Sorry to hear this. I hope it gets resolved, soon.
New Posts  All Forums: