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Good move. If your score improves significantly, I'd consider better programs.
What type of MBA program is this? And, yes, retake it.
Good luck on the exam. All you need is a pass, and I have a feeling you got that. All the best, and get well.
Good luck. From what you've shared here about your publications, service, and teaching, it sounds like you'll have an easy case for granting tenure. I hope it turns out that way.
+ 30 = 42248
I've been wearing them for a couple of years now. Love them, but wouldn't dare wear the shorts in public without shorts over them. Unfortunately, I've seen guys at the gym and at yoga do it.
Stopped by a close friend's house this evening to see his new home gym. It was amazing. Larger than most high-end hotel gyms and better far better equipped. It even has a very nice sauna and shower. I was in awe, not to mention very jelly.
I'm interested in your report. I need a replacement for my NB Minimus Zero.
+ 20 + 30 = 41260
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