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This. A trainer could help you achieve your goal.
Same with AMG. When I picked up my car yesterday with its new rear tires, I asked about tire wear. According to the service manager all AMG's from C to S burn through rear tires 2-3 times faster than front. A guy was there complaining that his rears on a CLS AMG needed replacing after 7000 miles. My rears lasted 10,000 and fronts are still as good as new.
+ 20 = 26854
But they are so cute.
My favorite is an Isaia MTM navy pinstripe bought 6 or so years ago. Have bought several nicer suits since then, but I continue to reach for that suit. The stripes are starting to fade and it's showing wear in places; nonetheless, I love wearing it.
Dropped my car off for routine service this morning. Checked out fine except for needing two new rear tires. A major road trip starts Wednesday, so I had no choice but to replace them.This is why I need new rears.
Me, too. Starting Wednesday for 10 days. However between now and Wednesday I've got a ton of work that has to get done. Stuff piled up while I was away last week.
+ 20 = 26729
+ a million.Good work, guys. It's been great following your prep and progress. Impressive and definitely inspiring.
I was there from 6-8 this morning. Would have been great to meet up had I been a day earlier.
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