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That's a very nice thing for him to do without expecting or taking any compensation.
So sorry to hear this.
Smaller planes often don't and larger ones do for first class only. I was on a smaller plane that didn't have a first class section.
My bags were in a bin so it wasn't an issue for me. And, yes, I had two bags in a bin because I was sitting in the first row where a bag couldn't be stored under the seat in front of me.
She came over, but did nothing. I couldn't believe it.
I boarded a full flight Saturday when after me a guy placed a suit bag in an overhead bin and told people to not put anything on top of it. Someone did and he threw a fit until they removed the bag. His stretched out suit bag took up lots of space and caused a few folks to check their luggage. I was disappointed that the attendant allowed him to get away with that.
Vass has an amazing operation, but what impressed me most was the service. It took a while to find a size and last that worked well for me. The SA was not only patient with me, but she even went back and forth to their sister store a few doors down to make sure I saw everything available in the types of shoes that interested me. The other SA in the store was just as helpful. They have a broad selection that's quite impressive. The only shoes that didn't appeal to me were...
Was the op asking a serious question?
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