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I grew up with feasts like this for the holidays and special occasions. My mom and other relatives are good cooks, and cook a lot. Lots of good food for every meal.I don't eat that way now, and I'm actually glad I don't.
On warm sunny days I place green tea tea bags in a pitcher of cold water and leave it outside for a few hours then refrigerate.
I agree. I resorted to MTM linen suits because I couldn't find unlined ones OTR. Many that I saw were too heavy for what I wanted.
Unduly fretting is the key here. IMO, too many travelers take dressing for comfort to extremes. I'm on a flight as I type, and I've seen many horrid fits already in the airport and on this flight. Albeit these folks look comfy, but one doesn't have to dress in athletic gear and bed clothes to be comfortable. My personal choice for comfort on what will add to 20 hours of flying today to Asia is linen - an unlined linen suit at that.By the way, what the OP is planning to...
Congrats!!! Glad to see you're starting the doctoral program. All the best...
I try to move around as much as possible during the day, but it doesn't always work out especially when I have all day meetings or attend conferences. I even go to my support's offices rather than have them meet with me in mine, all because I want to be as mobile as possible during the day.
Yeah, I'm excited, too. I don't have the hotel info, yet, although I know a reservation has been made.
I will be there next month. Looking forward to the trip.
+ 40 = 24843
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