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If I drive it a lot, then I usually fill the tank before returning it. Not required to do it, but I usually do.
Welcome. Just as friendly here as at RHET.
+ 10 + 30 = 57,257
What were you expecting?
I liked chocolate brownie for a long time, but then grew tired of it. Double chocolate chunk is now my favorite along with cookies and cream. Quest bars are more often than not my lunch and mid-day snack. Apple pie and the almond one are favorites, too.
+ 20 = 55,600
+ 30 = 55067
I ended my year long running hiatus yesterday by starting my workout with a 3-mile run. Started to enjoy it ever-so-slightly about halfway in. Still sucked overall, but it wasn't a struggle to accomplish, which made me happy.
+ 20 = 52,330
I like to get full use out of my things, but with shoes tend to reach for the same ones every time. Nonetheless, I'm committed to wearing more of the lesser worn and unworn ones, particularly since I'll be paying a visit to to the JL shop later today.
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