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Also, most hotel rooms have steam irons available.
Truth! I prefer a high quality all linen pant rather than a linen/cotton blend.
This is good news. Glad he's doing better.
I agree with you. I knew the poses well enough to focus on what I was doing and tune the blabbering instructor out, which was nice. I had a similar glorious experience in a class taught in Mandarin Chinese a month ago.
Congrats js4. All the very best to you and your new bride. Stitch, you were allowed to rest your foot on his dash? Nice looking shoes, btw. Car looks good, too.
I love the style, it looks great. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
Pics or it didn't happen. Give a shout out to Spoo for me.Making me happy is getting through passport control, customs, and security fast enough to catch an earlier flight home, and there was a first class seat available with wifi available.Had a great trip to Italy, but glad to be headed home. Over the last 5 weeks I've been to Asia, Europe, and to 5 U.S. cities in the south, southeast, northeast, and west, all for either work, pleasure, or family emergency. Been home for...
Yesterday and Thursday I went to a Bikram studio in Milan. Without a doubt the nicest Bikram studio I've ever experienced. Although both sessions were in Italian, it was easy for me to follow along given that the 26 poses are the same everywhere. Both sessions were packed with lots of pretty people. I enjoyed the sessions, but yesterday I worked out in the hotel gym prior to yoga, and thought I was going to die before the end of the session. Nonetheless I loved it, and it...
We're in agreement on this. I believe in driving my cars anywhere and everywhere possible. I like luxury and high performance so a car that fits both criteria works well for me.
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