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^^^I'm not a fan.
Yes, it works very well. Similar to Huntsman, I'm extremely introverted, but if needed, can be social. I prefer traveling alone and do so often within and outside of the country. These are mostly business trips, but I usually take a few days extra, especially if outside the U.S. I even meet my colleagues there rather than travel with them, and once there, I never spend my free time sightseeing and whatnot with them. Never.I love going where I want, when I want, and...
Douglas, sorry to hear this though you and your wife are to be commended for your generosity.A few years ago NPR did a story about terminal cancer and how repercussions from it can affect the patients personality. They interviewed a widow who told of how her children and herself had become angry with her cancer-stricken husband because he had become a different person. He became mean and so hostile towards them that they didn't want to be around him. She also told of how...
Times surely have changed since when I was in school.
MB CL600 with a V12 engine.
I hate leashes extended like that. I've seen dogs on people's porches while the owner is standing on the sidewalk yapping on a cell phone. I like for my dog to stay close to me, so I have no use for that type of leash.
Thanks for letting me know. CorePower was conveniently located, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind if I'm in those parts again anytime soon.
I feel out of place when I visit those parts. Lots of obese folks there.
Intoxicating, isn't it? The best thing about the car, IMO. It's what I miss about my previous car.
Unfortunately, that's not too uncommon for that area in Virginia, right?
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