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+ 100 = 55,250
This past week in Indiana state politics has been bizarre to say the least. I was at a luncheon Friday attended by mostly all the major politicians in the state including Bayh, Donnelley, Gregg, and the repub candidates now running for governor. Had a chance to chat briefly with most of them, everyone scratching their heads. This is certainly not a boring election cycle.
It was doubtful Pence would have won reelection as Governor, so for Pence running for VP is a good move. Republicans in the state are happy, too, because they now have a chance to keep the Governor's mansion, which they didn't have with Pence. Many loyal Repubs were not going to vote to reelect him.
+ 100 = 55,150Get well, soon @LA Guy
+ 100 = 54,360
+ 100 = 53,970
+ 100 = 53,870
+ 20 + 100 = 53,640
+ 100 = 53,051
For international flights, I take all pills in original bottles. I've had enhanced searches more times than a few and in each case every pill bottle and its contents was questioned. I only travel with carry on luggage, none is checked, however I only carry pill bottles for international flights, not domestic. Based on my past experience I wouldn't dare risk traveling internationally without original bottles
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