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My knees have been achy lately when climbing stairs. I've been doing squats about four times a week, so I need to check my form as well as lighten up a bit on the frequency.
The last time I posted in one of these year-end threads was the end of 2011, and it was interesting to read it. I then wanted to spend less on clothing in 2012, higher quality items (i.e., clothing and life experiences), and buy a new car. I did all those things in 2012. 2014 was essentially a repeat of 2012, even on the car front. Bought fewer clothing items, most of very high quality, but also made more practical decisions about some clothing items. For example, I...
+ 100 = 117,925
+ 50 = 117,775
+ 50 = 117,708
@deepitm: Why did you sell it? Beautiful car, and you got a good price for it.
Lol, this was me a week ago. Changed clothes at the gym after work only to realize I had forgotten my gym shoes. Trained in my double monk Lobbs.
Colts are pathetic this evening. Just awful.
This. Plus will be eating a lot.
ESV? Those are huge with ample storage space. Enjoy!
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