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+ 70 = 22,709
Not a fan of yellow or rose gold; can't believe they didn't include a white gold option. Also having trouble believing an Apple product is worth 10k.
I have used my headphones for noise canceling with no music. The music they play at my gym is atrocious, not to mention distracting, so I have to block it out. Don't mind lifting with no music though, that's how it is where I do yoga every morning, completely quiet except for the sound of people breathing.Good luck with the house deal.
+ 70 = 22394
A couple of months ago I was anxious for the Apple watch to become available but now love my Fitbit Surge too much to part with it.
I've used them in the gym since last summer and they work pretty well for me. The only issue is that you must sanitize them after each use in the gym or they'll stink badly, very badly.
I rely on compound lifts, but occasionally will do ab work.
I use my Bose noise canceling over-ear headphones. Tried many others and had restricted my Bose to air travel, then realized they were better than any I had used for the gym.
+ 70 = 21,410
+ 50 = 20,975
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