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Truth!!! Had my dog with me in NYC last week. Every time I walked him, particularly at night when girls were boozed up, I had women stopping me to pet him and whatnot. Even though my dog is now nine, he's a Welsh Terrier that looks like an Airedale pup. He gets lots of attention, and I guess I do, too, when he's with me. I'm already taken, but if I weren't .....
+ 100 = 119,370
+ 100 = 118,658
+ 100 = 118,158
+ 100 = 118,058
It's been a good year. Maintained my 6-day a week regimen of yoga and gym training, and remained injury-free all year long. Made good gains resulting in a lot of compliments on my physique, even from strangers. Really happy about this. Modified my diet by reducing most processed foods and sugar, but it's still a work in progress. In fact, I decided this week to adopt a more plant based diet and eliminate most, if not all, meat. I'll see how this goes in the new...
+ 100 = 117,808
Yep, it's all good. I love seeing the participation in this thread from everyone, really motivating. And the high volume guys are inspiring, too, @Canstyle and @Planet.
+ 100 = 116,595
Wow! Good work! 116,200 + 100 = 116,300
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