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+ 100 = 12,720
+ 100 = 18,880
No, vascular issues. High risk for sudden cardiac death or stroke. Runs in the family. Several close relatives including both grandmothers never made it to 50, even more relatives - aunts and uncles - never saw 60. Dad dropped dead, literally, three years ago. For me the specific issue is PAD in my legs, which is ironic sense I used to be an avid cyclist and have always been a runner as well as fit overall. Had a risky bypass surgery on the left leg several years ago, and...
+ 100 = 18,780
Yes, of course given that it was stolen.
+ 100 = 12,480
+ 100 = 18,430
No, more serious than that.
+ 50 = 18,160
For me it's an attempt to resolve an ongoing health issue. Noticeable results in the 6 weeks I've been doing this.
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