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Glad you're enjoying it. I've had mine a month and it's now well broken it. The day I picked it up, which was the day before Thanksgiving, drove to Chicago for the holiday. Now I'm with it in NYC, and will be heading to Virginia shortly. Close to 2000 miles on it already with many more to come before heading back to the Midwest the end of the week. Loving every mile with it, btw.
Saw a really nice E60 M5 parked on the street today in NYC. Darker shade of gray seemingly in pristine stock condition. I drooled. @gf: return it to stock appearance including getting rid of the window tint and my guess is that you'll attract considerable interest right away.
So, tell us anyway. What did they offer? And remind me again the model year of your car.
Neither did I.
My knees have been achy lately when climbing stairs. I've been doing squats about four times a week, so I need to check my form as well as lighten up a bit on the frequency.
The last time I posted in one of these year-end threads was the end of 2011, and it was interesting to read it. I then wanted to spend less on clothing in 2012, higher quality items (i.e., clothing and life experiences), and buy a new car. I did all those things in 2012. 2014 was essentially a repeat of 2012, even on the car front. Bought fewer clothing items, most of very high quality, but also made more practical decisions about some clothing items. For example, I...
+ 100 = 117,925
+ 50 = 117,775
+ 50 = 117,708
@deepitm: Why did you sell it? Beautiful car, and you got a good price for it.
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