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for the meetings I attend, yes. As I posted earlier, the one time I wore an odd jacket, I was the only one doing so. Others may not have thought less of me, but I felt like, and was, the odd man in the room. That was years ago and I've not done it since then. I also can't recall a meeting since then where I've noticed someone not wearing a dark suit. YMMV.
Mktits, sorry to hear this. Losing a beloved pet is difficult. My condolences.
Yes, good looking stable.
I love mornings, the earlier the better. It's the best time of the day.
Good outcome, Piob. I had a similar good experience with MB. Took the car in for new rears that would be replaced as I waited, but they noticed a bubble on one of the fronts. Couldn't get the front tires until the next day, so without my asking they sent me on my way in a C-class. The next day I picked up my nicely detailed car.
I travel there multiple times annually and also recommend a suit. You see dark suits mostly for all business meetings. On one of my first trips to Europe I wore odd pants and jacket... felt out of place.
My S63 AMG feels very "raw" when I push it, and I do often. I'm averaging about 6000 miles on my rear tires before having to replace them. The car is not like my Porsche, but the thrill it provides is good on its own. It's amazing for such a big and heavy car.
How much have you spent on fines or trying to get out of fines? Sorry about your mishap, btw.
The Tourney will be full of surprises this year.
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