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Congrats, planet! Was hoping we'd get to 120K, though there is still time left before the year ends (EST). Can't contribute myself as for the last couple of days I've been in a small town visiting my mom without access to a pull-up bar. Nonetheless, pleased with what I've been able to add to the total particularly in the last half of the year. I sincerely appreciate all the inspiration you guys have provided. Happy New Year!!!
Mostly this.
Good for you.
I ate oatmeal for breakfast for about a couple of years. Added berries to it, and it was good; however, after two years I grew sick of it. Won't touch it now.
For breakfast I have a bowl of Special K protein cereal and add to it blueberries, pomegranate seeds, and almonds. My training routine is yoga before work and the gym after work. Unfortunately the gym will be crowded in the evening for the next few weeks with all the resolutioners.
+ 110 = 119,139
Glad you're enjoying it. I've had mine a month and it's now well broken it. The day I picked it up, which was the day before Thanksgiving, drove to Chicago for the holiday. Now I'm with it in NYC, and will be heading to Virginia shortly. Close to 2000 miles on it already with many more to come before heading back to the Midwest the end of the week. Loving every mile with it, btw.
Saw a really nice E60 M5 parked on the street today in NYC. Darker shade of gray seemingly in pristine stock condition. I drooled. @gf: return it to stock appearance including getting rid of the window tint and my guess is that you'll attract considerable interest right away.
So, tell us anyway. What did they offer? And remind me again the model year of your car.
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