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+ 25 (Monday) + 25 (today) = 45,280
I'm pretty easy-going, but blew my top when the MB service tech wrecked my car and they waited a couple of days to tell me. This happened about 10 years ago. They made me whole and I've not had one issue with them since then. Ironically, I've not purchased a car from them since my first MB 13 years ago, I've gotten better deals from MB dealerships elsewhere. Doesn't seem to matter to the service guys at all, I get top notch treatment including loaners with every visit.
You have to choose where to get gas in those parts wisely.Sounds like you traveled I-70; if so, why no stop to holler @ JJ in Indy? Disappoint. Glad your trip is going well.
+ 26 = 42006
Agreed. I'd rather sit and watch grass grow.
Fantastic news!!!
+ 40 = 39,729
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