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I tried those Quest chips, two or three flavors, IIRC. Not a fan. They left an aftertaste.
+ 100 = 50,056
Lots of good protein right there.
+ 100 = 49,956
Good to have you back here. Had a great time in Beverly Hills where I was staying. Should have hit you up; will do next time I'm out that way.
+ 100 = 48,463
+ 50 = 48,229
There is a crossfit gym several blocks from my house, certainly within walking distance. I've been tempted to check it out as it's closer than either of the two gyms I frequent - one gym is about a 5-7 minute drive and the other, the one I like better, takes about 15 minutes to drive there. Kinda like my current training routine as well as the gyms too much to seriously consider something else though. May look into it if I get bored with what I do now.
+ 100 = 47,099Spent last week in @jet's territory, LA. Used a mediocre hotel gym, but was able to train each day. Had a ton of fun in those parts. Splurged quite a bit on Rodeo Drive fashionz, too.
+ 100 = 46,887
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