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+ 100 = 93,850
+100 = 93,260
+ 100 = 93,100
+ 100 = 93,000
+ 100 = 92,680
+ 100 = 92580
+ 100 = 92,420
Have a good trip. I just arrived back in the states from Singapore, will get home later tonight. Can't wait to get back to pull-ups. Had a really good time there, and stayed at a wonderful hotel with a nice gym, but no pull-up bar.
I stand at mine, mostly, except when I'm conducting meetings. I love it
+ 100 = 90,100It's been a few days. Was in Atlanta at a hotel without a pull-up bar or means for doing pull-ups. Now headed to Singapore. Hotel there is really nice and should have a pull-up bar, if not I'll be pissed. Hopefully I can post numbers again in a couple of days.
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