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+ 50 = 43,168
+ 100 = 43,054
+ 100 = 42,754@planetarium Have good travels, hope you're able to find a decent gym.
+ 100 = 42,322
So what's the verdict on the Apple watch, for those of you that own it?
Baller!Nice combo.
I don't know the number, but lately it's been a lot. Yesterday, for example, I had a salad with tuna for lunch, then for dinner I had an appetizer of beets, and for the entree a salad with grilled salmon. Over the last month or so I've made an effort to eat more leafy veggies, and more veggies in general. Good stuff.
+ 50 = 42,122
+ 100 = 42,047
+ 50 = 41,697@jet @canstyle You guys are missed here, we need your numbers.
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