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This. I hired movers that packed and moved my stuff the last couple times I moved.I no longer help other people move. The last time I did so. I showed up and my friend hadn't even packed. Never again.
There's no way I could walk my dog off leash. I could do so with the German Shepherd that I had, but not this one.
I spend a lot of time in DC for work, and used to party there when I needed to get away from Blacksburg. I like it a lot.
Car looks great. Enjoy!
Hope it works out, Piob. The new GL is really nice. They're hard to get around here right now.
Suitcase looks good indeed. I like it.
Yes, still in the Circle City.
Bryan Kest was here a couple weekends ago for a workshop. I opted not to go because I didn't want to miss my regular Ashtanga practice.Speaking of Ashtanga, I LOVE it. I practice Mysore every morning at 6 for an hour, and can now do a half primary with ease, though I do a led full primary every Sunday. It took a while to memorize the poses, but once you do, it provides mental as well as physical benefits. I like the studio, the regulars who attend, and the instructor is...
New Posts  All Forums: