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In this case, the devil has good taste.Wonderful choice. My neighbor has one, and I find myself mirin it whenever he has it out of the garage on rare occasions.
^^^Definitely a keeper, IMO.
I recently was appointed to another board, and attended the first meeting yesterday. A very interesting organization with the most fascinating work of the four boards that I serve on; however, it's the most screwed up organization that I've experienced. It looks like this board will take up more of my time and cause more headache than I was expecting.
^^^^I admire that you've delayed starting your career in order to care for your mother. Much respect and admiration for you. Although you were out of the workforce for a couple of years, you have good academic credentials and some, though limited, experience. I believe employers will understand your two-year gap as caring for aging parents is becoming more commonplace. Don't sell yourself short by not applying for positions consistent with your skill set. Seek help from...
I have to get new rotors next week at a third of your cost. Doesn't make me feel better, just glad that mine aren't ceramic.
59 looks like the best to me, too. Is he natty though?
All the best tomorrow. Have fun with it.
This. I hired movers that packed and moved my stuff the last couple times I moved.I no longer help other people move. The last time I did so. I showed up and my friend hadn't even packed. Never again.
There's no way I could walk my dog off leash. I could do so with the German Shepherd that I had, but not this one.
I spend a lot of time in DC for work, and used to party there when I needed to get away from Blacksburg. I like it a lot.
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