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He and his son have been fun to watch. Sorry he got hurt, but he's handling it like a champ. I see one more possible win in their future during this tourney.
+ 55 = 24251
No need to worry, though I thought I'd lost my wits earlier. I was hoping for an Indiana win, but we just fell way too short.Just saw the Louisville/UC Irvine finish. That was a close one.
All the best, APK. Sounds like you're on the right track.
And there goes my bracket..... I thought for sure Iowa State would beat UAB.
Close call for the Irish, they almost were one and done. This is why I love the tourney.
Here we go..... Love this time of year. For starters, Go Irish!
+ 60 = 23,556
+ 70 = 22,709
Not a fan of yellow or rose gold; can't believe they didn't include a white gold option. Also having trouble believing an Apple product is worth 10k.
New Posts  All Forums: