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Colts got a win, finally. Gonna be a long season for them.
+ 200 = 56,800
+ 700 = 56,290
@ramuman thanks brah for the offer, may take you up on it. I have a friend with an MS and another with an MX and I talk to them often about their Tesla ownership experiences. In addition to range concerns, Indiana is not a Tesla friendly state. Legislation prohibits selling the car in the state resulting in no sales or service centers, only a showroom. Have to purchase out of state or online and then pick up and service the car out of state, for me Cinncinati would be the...
Been contemplating a Model X P100 a lot lately. A buddy has a MX P90 and I've ridden in it and driven it. Nice car, I like the tech and head-snapping torque, though not a big fan of the looks. Range is my main concern given that super chargers aren't prevalent in the Midwest or on the routes I usually take for road trips to the east coast. Tempting though, we'll see. Either a Testla MX (no interest in the MS) or another AMG, I miss the performance of my previous car.
+ 400 (4 days) = 55,390
+ 700 = 49,035
+ 100 = 54,990
Car looks good @rtc.
+ 100 = 54,890
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