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+ 150 = 894
+ 100 + 100 = 430.
Generally speaking, a hard goal usually results in greater effort. 125 should be easy and 130 would work, but I still think 150 is doable.
Oh, I'm still excited about what the Hokies did.
I had written MSU off at the beginning of the 3rd. Went to the gym, returned to find out they won. Sorry I missed that finish.
Count me in for working on the 125k goal. Willing to shoot for 150k if you guys want to set a higher goal.
Congrats, planet! Was hoping we'd get to 120K, though there is still time left before the year ends (EST). Can't contribute myself as for the last couple of days I've been in a small town visiting my mom without access to a pull-up bar. Nonetheless, pleased with what I've been able to add to the total particularly in the last half of the year. I sincerely appreciate all the inspiration you guys have provided. Happy New Year!!!
Mostly this.
New Posts  All Forums: