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Colts having a great day today.
@Szeph: mirin the progress. Good work.
+ 100 = 82,860
Core training has resolved the minor back issues I used to have. I find that I have fewer lower back injuries, too, though I think that may be more a function of better form.
So did I for my 5s. Fixed most of the problems I had with 8.0.By the way, really love IOS 8 now that Ive gotten used to it.
+ 120 = 82,760
My calves grew when I was a cyclist and have remained huge though I no longer cycle. Running helps but I don't do a lot of that either anymore. Calfs aren't part of my training because I hate doing it.
+ 100 = 82,350
It is. I cringe when it's stated incorrectly.
+ 100 = 81,682
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