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I found the Tahoe to have better handling and a smoother ride than the Escalade. The Escalade had a constant vibration that made for an uncomfortable ride. The sales guy attributed it to flat spots on the tires, but I've heard that several vehicles have had the differentials replaced to remedy the problem.
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All the teams I follow lost today.
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...or any AMG for that matter. Test drove an Escalade today. Drove fine but the ride quality was lacking.
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Yesterday was glorious. Was in Newfoundland for meetings and finished up on Tuesday thus leaving me with a full day on my own yesterday. Started the day by practicing yoga in my hotel suite followed by a training session in the hotel gym. Did a little sightseeing and such midday, but returned to the gym late afternoon followed by another round of yoga. Arose early this morning for a quick training in the gym before my flight home.
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