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+ 50 = 99,725
+ 100 = 99,080
True, and I won't lie, it's tempting. However, after reading comparisons of Fitbit to AW by owners of both, it seems that Fitbit provides more of the tracking that I want. I contacted Fitbit support and mine is now working properly. I'll hold on to it until the second gen of AW arrives with hopefully increased and better functionality.
+ 100 + 100 = 98,320
Ok, I'll look into this option. Thx.
As far as cardio is concerned I no longer have time to run as I once did, so I now am sure to move around a lot during the day. I usually hit at least 10,000 steps daily.
What's the verdict on the Apple Watch from current users? My beloved Fitbit Surge seems to be dying, though I've owned it for only 9 months. Thinking of replacing it with an AW. Opinions?
+ 100 = 97,800
No, I do 10 sets of 10 comprised of 50 pull-ups, 20 chin-ups, 20 muscle ups, and end with 10 more pull-ups.
I usually hit the gym 6 days a week but only for 20-30 minutes for each visit. I go after yoga and have no more time than that on workday mornings, weekends are a bit longer. During the week I only do compound lifts. I have a routine circuit of compounds that I do religiously. Has worked well so far.
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