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+ 100 = 76,044
Almonds. A handful a couple or so times a day hits the spot for me.
+ 100 = 75,554
+ 150 = 75,130
+100 = 74500@jet, thanks mang. It feels great to now be able to do triple digits, and its also showing - lots of comments regarding my physique particularly from my yoga buddies. Will be away next week on international travel so I'm getting in as much time at the gym as I can.
+ 120 = 73,848
Nope. I was warming up on the treadmill and he was about to begin his run.
No, we both just had an expressionless ever-so-brief glance.
anti social crew checking in.I was in a meeting that included a guy I recognized from the gym. I'm certain he recognized me, too. We never mentioned it during or after the meeting. Saw him at the gym a couple weeks ago - we looked at each other but not a word was ever spoken to each other.
+ 70 = 73,570
New Posts  All Forums: