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+ 100 = 109,810
2015 MB S550 4Matic. 3 hrs. of self-driving last night in light snow from northeastern Indiana to Chicago. Loved the drive.
+ 100 = 109,450
Took delivery of my new car today. I love it. Thought I'd miss the AMG, but so far I havent. Didn't even self-drive it home, instead drove directly to northeastern Indiana to join family for Thanksgiving and will head from there tomorrow afternoon for Chicago.
+ 100 = 109,207
Lol, just to think that I've been doing it wrong all these years.
I'm a sweet potato pie fan boi. Love sweet potatoes.
+ 120 = 108,270
Welcome back!+ 100 = 108,100
+ 110 = 107,342
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