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Georgia is starting to run away with this game.
Had cable issues during the early afternoon games, so I couldn't watch games until after the cable guy came. All is well now. Saw the end of the Northwestern/ Cal game. Currently enjoying the Georgia/Clemson game. Love this time of year.
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Had a professor who required the class to do some sort of physical activity and keep a log. It was fine by me because at the time I ran, cycled, and lifted daily. Someone in the class complained to the admins which resulted in the requirement being disallowed.
^^^Good deal. Enjoy!!!
My MB was serviced today. It took about 3 minutes to drop the car off and leave in a loaner, a ML350 with only 25 miles on it. Pick up took about 4 minutes.I often think about trading my daily for other brands, but the impeccable and very convenient MB service I've received in recent years keep me returning to MB. I had a Navigator several years ago and the service experience was horrible. No loaners, long waits, and a crappy product. Only kept that one a year.
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I dealt with a lot of curves as well as drove through a thunderstorm. I noticed a little body roll, but not enough to be a deal breaker. The 2015 Tahoe is getting an 8 speed tranny and a few other upgrades this fall, as will the Escalade, though the Escalade will also get the Platinum version. I think I may now test drive the Escalade.
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