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+ 50 = 25,601
Still using my 5s, and happy with it. Haven't been motivated to upgrade.
+ 50 = 24,911
+ 70 = 24,546
+ 50 = 24,476
Ed's missing a good one between UVA and Michigan State. Thought UVA would beat them, but glad to see it going the other way.
Just returned from a walk in my hood. Saw a gorgeous white f10 M5 parked at my neighbors house. Car looked really good.
He and his son have been fun to watch. Sorry he got hurt, but he's handling it like a champ. I see one more possible win in their future during this tourney.
+ 55 = 24251
No need to worry, though I thought I'd lost my wits earlier. I was hoping for an Indiana win, but we just fell way too short.Just saw the Louisville/UC Irvine finish. That was a close one.
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