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+ 130 = 76,746
True, and unfortunately it's not going to bode well for the team as the season progresses. Missed the game because I'm out of the country. Not pleased with the outcome.
+ 100 = 76,541
+ 100 = 76,044
Almonds. A handful a couple or so times a day hits the spot for me.
+ 100 = 75,554
+ 150 = 75,130
+100 = 74500@jet, thanks mang. It feels great to now be able to do triple digits, and its also showing - lots of comments regarding my physique particularly from my yoga buddies. Will be away next week on international travel so I'm getting in as much time at the gym as I can.
+ 120 = 73,848
Nope. I was warming up on the treadmill and he was about to begin his run.
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