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+ 100 = 101,275Good to be back home. Was at a very nice hotel, but its gym was woefully lacking.
+ 100 = 100,815Off to Germany for a few days. Hopefully, the gym is well equipped so I can continue my training routine.
+ 100 = 100,600
Looks like a great day for a drive where you are. Enjoy your new ride.
Well, have you picked it up? Any surprises so far?
My org would gladly pay for all my tech, even those I have at home, but I decline, and I'm very high up in my org. I don't want anyone having potential access to my tech and what's on them. It's a personal choice.
I use an iPad for all my reading. Haven't bought a paper copy of a book in a over two years. Works well for work documents and books, and makes traveling much more convenient.
+ 50 = 99,825
+ 50 = 99,725
+ 100 = 99,080
New Posts  All Forums: