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+ 100 = 90,350
+ 100 = 89,800
@gettoasty: Go directly to the gym from work. You'll be surprised how much time is saved compared to going home first. My routine: In the morning I'm at yoga by 6, back home by 7:15, and then off to work by 7:45. In the evening I stop by the gym for at least a half hour after work before going home. I do only compound lifts during short half hour sessions, but much more on weekends or when I have more time.
+ 100 = 89,554
+ 100 = 88,740
+ 110 = 87,980
Wow! Remarkable comeback.
I tuned in to this game when Baylor was down by 20. Took the dog for a walk and returned to a tied game. Unbelievable.
Yes, a nail biter.
I was interested in the 2015i Platinum, which they knew less about than I did. Orders are being accepted this month by GM with estimated arrival to the dealer being February or March. What I've read about it sounds good, but I've also read about a lot of quality issues on the current 2015.
New Posts  All Forums: