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+ 100 = 104,850
+ 100 = 104,330
Mine is also 3rd gen. Haven't found a good enough reason to upgrade, but the iPad Pro has me interested. Seems bigger than what I'd like though.
l'll definitely consider an iPad Pro. Need to learn more about its functionality and then see it operate.
+ 100 = 103,950
+ 100 = 103,580
+ 100 = 101,795
+ 100 = 101,675
I'm holding out for second gen, that's if my Fitbit holds up until then.
Sorry this happened to you. Too bad the coward who did this didn't stick around or leave a note. Hopefully you can get it taken care of right away, and at minimal cost.Dealt with something like this myself back in summer, though, unfortunately, I was at fault. Took awhile to locate the owner, but I did. Amazing how much a scratch or two can wind up costing.
New Posts  All Forums: