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+ 50 = 34,853
+ 50 = 34,648
Yes, Mbrace, but it doesn't help if you're stranded in the middle of rural Pennsylvania where the closest dealership could be 100 or so miles away.
+ 100 = 34,333
Max is 800. An average of 738 is high for most programs.
MB equips the 2014 and 2015 S550 with run flats. No tire kit or place for a spare. They are getting lots of complaints, as they should. I make occasional road trips to the east coast and fear being stranded in the mountains of West Virginia.
+ 100 = 33,833
Yep, I liked it better when I saw it in the store, and it also looks good on @greenfrog. Tempting, but will resist the urge for now.
+ 50 = 33,221
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