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Wow! Great game! Badgers got it done.
It's going to be a great evening of basketball, boys. I'd like to see an all BIg Ten championship game (i.e., Badgers and Sparty), but I'm realistically thinking it's going to be Duke and Wiscy. Yes, I think the Badgers will beat the Wildcats. Why am I not there in person? It's down the street from me, literally.
+ 50 = 27,760
+ 50 = 27,610
Congrats rtc and CTK.
+ 100 = 27,035
+ 60 = 26,470
Sparty gets it done again. Good game.
+ 55 = 26,101
Watched the basketball games last night and ended up eating a large Papa John's pizza and an order of their chocolate chip cookies. Haven't done anything like that in a long time.
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