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Ole Miss and Alabama providing thrills. Good game.
+ 100 = 85,130
+ 120 = 85,000
He's fit for certain, don't know if he's shredded. Only seen him in suits and dress clothing.
A colleague of mine has used a ball as his office chair for years, maybe 5 or 6 years now.
+ 100 = 84,600
+ 100 = 84,325
While on a plane a few days ago I intended to send a note simply stating "fyi" to my assistant on a message about something else. Instead the note went out stating "dying" without me noticing it. A second later she responded in a panic because she thought the plane was crashing. Thanks autocorrect.
+ 80 = 83,610
Mirin the posture. No a hint of ATP or other issues, everything is in alignment.
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