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The Wisconsin game isn't any better. Badgers handling Baylor easily.
I can't miss breakfast, but usually do skip lunch. One or two Quest bars between breakfast and dinner keep me full during the day.
I do of course, but they are rampant here, and at times impossible to avoid. INDOT has been terribly negligent in filling them. In this particular case the glare from lights of oncoming traffic made it difficult to see them along that particular stretch of interstate.
Yes, the S63 each time, unfortunately. For convenience I get my tires from MB. I pull up, tell them the problem, and 5 minutes or less later I drive away in a MB loaner - C, E, or GLK. They deal with locating the tires and call me when the car is repaired and all cleaned up. Didn't hear from them today so I hope to pick it up tomorrow; if not, I'm not concerned because I still have the loaner. Excellent service from the MB folks.
Had to replace another tire because of a pothole, the third one in less than a month. I hit one last night on the interstate about sixty miles from home. Fortunately there wasn't an immediate blowout, and I made it home, but it did create a humongous bulge on the sidewall that made the car hazardous to drive.
Do you even lift, bro?
^^^sounds horrible. Good luck getting out of there.
Another great game today, this time between UNC and Iowa State. Odd ending though, really odd. Nonetheless, congrats to Iowa State.
Not the outcome I hoped for, but a great game nonetheless. Still impressed with Wichita State.
I was in Memphis yesterday and Friday where I saw a couple of guys in seersucker suits. I thought it was a bit too early, particularly since it wasn't balmy there.
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