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I don't keep track. All of mine are logged here so I suppose I could go back to the beginning of the year and add them up.Taking the next couple of days off, not because I want to, but because I decided to stay at a different hotel in Chicago. No pull up bar.
^^^Flexibility is my weak point though it has improved significantly over the past three years that I've been doing yoga. I'm pleased with my strength right now, though I know it could be better. The stretching that's part of yoga has helped a lot, too. My typical daily morning routine is to go to yoga for an hour, then from there directly to the gym for 30-50 minutes.
I've been at it for several years now. It was a very long road to where I am now with lots of injuries along the way because of bad form and sometimes bad luck. Feeling good about the progress, particularly the aesthetics. Often get compliments when wearing slim-fitting fashions.
+ 100 = 107,427
I've given up on my foam roller. It's often painful without producing any noticeable benefit. I get a massage every now and then and it seems to do the trick for me.
Sounds like a down to earth guy who'd be fun to be around.
+ 100 = 106,989
+ 100 = 106,814
+ 100 = 106,714
On vacation next week so I'll take a look at the iPad Pro while I'm in Chicago the end of the week.
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