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^^^Congrats! I'm sure you're right about the mid-500 GMAT. It won't get anyone into a top program.
The Board doesn't provide training, an orientation, or at least tips for successful fundraising?
I'm also a fan of Amaker. Glad he got the win.
I saw the beginning of the Ohio State game and the ending of the Harvard game. I'm really happy for Harvard. As for tOSU, lol.
Got mine from my local Nordstrom's a couple weeks ago after not being able to get it at Saks. Nordstrom's only had one or two left, IIRC. If I'm not mistaken, it's sold out on the Kiehl's website.
Vass is a good option for shell, IMO. Quality shell and construction, and decent styles. I consider it to be better overall compared to Alden and on par with C&J. I've not owned Carmina.
I know that feel. Forgot to wipe it off this morning before going to yoga. Fortunately the sweat camouflaged my tears. Otherwise, it's good stuff if you don't put it too close to your lash line.
I follow and have season tickets for Indiana games even though I'm not an alum. Disappointing season, hugely disappointing. Didn't even make it to the NIT. My alma mater, VT, has always sucked in bball, so I don't expect much from them; in fact, I don't bother to watch their games. IU, on the other hand, has a long tradition of success, so it's painful when the team underperforms as they did this year.
New Posts  All Forums: