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Not a good training week for me either. Skipped the gym yesterday and only ran while I was there today. Haven't lifted since Monday.
+ 100 = 18,194
I'm enjoying my Fitbit Surge so much that I may not get the Apple Watch when it becomes available, at least not right away.
I got a standing desk recently but continue to use the mouse and keyboard that I had had. I have my desk raised quite high and the monitors and keyboard all seem to be the right height for me.
+ 140 = 17,474
+ 100 = 16,029
Rice is one of my favorite foods. I use a sauce pan without any problems at all, but this rice talk has motivated me to consider a rice cooker. This talk has also made me hungry for rice, and I just ate.
+ 120 = 15,369
+ 200 = 14199
+ 120 = 13,204
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