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I'm looking forward to the game tonight, should be a good one. Id like to see the Badgers win, and think they will.
+ 50 = 28,680
Maybe he wants it, too. Just saying....
Quest bars
+ 50 = 27,910
Wow! Great game! Badgers got it done.
It's going to be a great evening of basketball, boys. I'd like to see an all BIg Ten championship game (i.e., Badgers and Sparty), but I'm realistically thinking it's going to be Duke and Wiscy. Yes, I think the Badgers will beat the Wildcats. Why am I not there in person? It's down the street from me, literally.
+ 50 = 27,760
+ 50 = 27,610
Congrats rtc and CTK.
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