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+ 100 = 109,207
Lol, just to think that I've been doing it wrong all these years.
I'm a sweet potato pie fan boi. Love sweet potatoes.
+ 120 = 108,270
Welcome back!+ 100 = 108,100
+ 110 = 107,342
You know where you stand with me.
I had planned to order a S8 in 2012, but bought the S63 instead. The reason why is because the Audi sales guy was uninterested in helping me (the S8 hadn't made it to the states but was available to be ordered). I knew more about the S8 than he did which seemed to annoy him. I left, and he didn't even bother to write down my name or get my contact info. Turned out well for me in the long run.As for the E63, I test drove one a few weeks ago. Great car and fun to drive.
+ 100 = 107,057
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