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+ 100 = 42,705
+ 100 = 42,405
+ 100 = 42,200
+ 100 = 41,620Making a quick trip to Berlin, which means a few days off. Keep pulling up, guyz.
+ 100 = 41,420
Gorgeous car! Enjoy!!!
+ 200 = 40,720 (yesterday and the day before)
Truth. Croatia won't be a problem. I used to travel there a lot, at least once a year for several years, and never found it difficult to get what I wanted or needed. Since this is SF, I'll mention that I bought lots of fashionz there, too.I used to pack a lot of things I didn't think I'd find in Europe and elsewhere, but not anymore. I tend to find what I need or at least acceptable substitutes. Will be in Germany next week and will travel very light.
+ 100 = 40,520
+ 100 = 40,420
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