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My MB was serviced today. It took about 3 minutes to drop the car off and leave in a loaner, a ML350 with only 25 miles on it. Pick up took about 4 minutes.I often think about trading my daily for other brands, but the impeccable and very convenient MB service I've received in recent years keep me returning to MB. I had a Navigator several years ago and the service experience was horrible. No loaners, long waits, and a crappy product. Only kept that one a year.
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I dealt with a lot of curves as well as drove through a thunderstorm. I noticed a little body roll, but not enough to be a deal breaker. The 2015 Tahoe is getting an 8 speed tranny and a few other upgrades this fall, as will the Escalade, though the Escalade will also get the Platinum version. I think I may now test drive the Escalade.
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I have to agree on the Tahoe/Yukon. Rented one a few weeks back when I visited relatives in Virginia. The handling was surprisingly good going up, down, and around the mountains with plenty of power to spare. The tech was easy to use and better equipped than I had expected. Lots of room, too. I was very impressed.
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I do goblet squats out of convenience. 80 lb db is what I hold, ass to grass. Did a few sets earlier today.
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