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+ 70 = 21,410
+ 50 = 20,975
+ 55 = 20590
I use Kiehl's. Good stuff.
A tall Asian dude wearing an LSE sweat shirt just boarded my plane. He's a deadringer for @fuji. Doesn't look like he lifts though.
Truth! Quality, not necessarily expensive, cosmetic products really make a difference in the long run, especially moisturizers and sunscreen.
There's an old guy in my neighborhood who obviously has fake abs. He's often shirtless in the summer, but can barely move about, yet has abs along with a beer belly. Lol. Other than orthodontic work and a couple of moles removed I'm natural. Fortunate to have inherited good aesthetics.
What u have in mind?
+ 50 = 20065
+ 40 = 19,732
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