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I wear yoga tights to yoga. They make it easy for all the bending and twisting that's part of my yoga practice. I go directly from yoga to the gym, so I keep the tights on but put a pair of shorts over them. i was self conscious at first, but not any more. Wouldn't wear anything else now to yoga or the gym.
Nope, I've never gotten an S class loaner in the dozen or so years that I've owned S classes. The last loaner I had in early January was a GLE, but more often than not I get a C class. I had a GLK a couple times, but not the GLC, at least not yet. The GLE was the best I'd ever gotten as a loaner.
Villanova is running away with this game. Up by 31 atm and looking unstoppable. Oklahoma looks lost.
+ 100 = 34,890
+ 100 = 34,390
+ 100 = 34,170
+ 100 = 34,030
+ 100 = 33,930
Initially, yes, but after a keen focus on form I've gone well over a year problem-free.
+ 100 = 33,710
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