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I ended my year long running hiatus yesterday by starting my workout with a 3-mile run. Started to enjoy it ever-so-slightly about halfway in. Still sucked overall, but it wasn't a struggle to accomplish, which made me happy.
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I like to get full use out of my things, but with shoes tend to reach for the same ones every time. Nonetheless, I'm committed to wearing more of the lesser worn and unworn ones, particularly since I'll be paying a visit to to the JL shop later today.
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I've been using Kiehls since January. Very pleased with the results; a noticeable improvement in how my skin looks and feels.
I arrived in NYC today and will be here several days. Great weather and good times this time of year. I've been coming this time of year for the past several years, only once can I remember it being miserably hot.
Me, too. Lately I've made a point of wearing more of my unworn shoes, some were purchased years ago. Still have several nice pairs of JL and others that need to hit the pavement for the first time.
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I've spent a lot of time in Croatia. Love the place, all parts of it. Huge people there indeed.
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