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+ 110 = 87,980
Wow! Remarkable comeback.
I tuned in to this game when Baylor was down by 20. Took the dog for a walk and returned to a tied game. Unbelievable.
Yes, a nail biter.
I was interested in the 2015i Platinum, which they knew less about than I did. Orders are being accepted this month by GM with estimated arrival to the dealer being February or March. What I've read about it sounds good, but I've also read about a lot of quality issues on the current 2015.
I'm enjoying the Michigan State/Purdue game right now. Purdue is looking surprisingly good, and down only a touchdown. Didn't expect this.
I wasted my time with Caddy a month ago test driving the Escalade. The one I drove had an awful vibration that the dealer attributed to tire flat spots, but the Caddy forum had several owners reporting replaced differentials because of the same problem, among other issues. The SA and general manager were nice and all, but haven't bothered to follow up with me since then. Good thing because I'm sticking with MB.
+ 100 = 87,770
It's as though no one told Mizzou they have a game to play today. Surprised they have no points on the board at all, and it's the end of the third.
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