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+ 120 = 13,204
+ 150 = 12,356
+ 130 = 12,034
This progression worked for me when I started doing squats years ago. Highly recommend.
My friend U R Asian, why can't you squat?
This is a huge advantage for me. At work I keep my phone on silent and often stored in my suit coat breast pocket. I used to miss calls and texts because I didn't always notice the vibration. I don't miss them now that my smart watch alerts me.I really love my Fitbit watch, much more so than I thought I would. I track all my activities and sleep patterns. Because I use it to track multiple activities in a day, I have to recharge mine about every two days, a charge...
+ 100 = 11,218
^^^Most pen shops will allow you to test a few while you're in the store. Never heard of the type of deal you mentioned.
Haven't worn my watches since getting the Fitbit. Fortunately, the Fitbit fits under my barrel and French cuff shirt sleeves.
I'm with GF on this, you'll eventually come around.I've been wearing a Fitbit Surge for a few weeks and I love it. I'm very active all day with yoga in the morning and running and weights in the evening. The Surge helps me track my activity and sleep pattern. It's also great that my Surge lets me know when I have a text or phone call. The Apple Watch will have greater functionality, so I'll definitely be getting one. What I'll do with my better watches, a couple of PP's...
New Posts  All Forums: