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+ 120 = 67,468
I went made-to-measure for suits in order to deal with this problem. Buying suits off the rack stop being option for me years ago when I was cycling avidly. The sartorial struggle continues now that I'm lifting.
Thx for the tip. Door frame in my room not sturdy enough, unfortunately, and haven't come across a gym or park. Oh well... Be back home in a couple of days.
I'm out of the country for a few days. Hotel gym has no pull up bar. Arghhhh.....
+ 100 = 66,215
+ 100 = 65,576
+ 100 = 65,476
Pics look good. Would make a good daily if it's in good mechanical condition. Any documentation on the service?
+ 100 = 65,136
+ 100 = 65,006
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