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Had a nice 3-day weekend trip to Chicago. Ate at Del Frisco, Spiaggia, and Next. Spiaggia was great, the other two were awful. Next was most disappointing because of all the hype, and also because I really like Alinea.
+ 25 = 61,772
+ 30 = 61,747
+ 40 = 61289
This. I do walking lunges with 35's in each hand. They suck.
Really sorry to hear this. Wish you a speedy recovery.
Interesting. So how old is this person?
If I drive it a lot, then I usually fill the tank before returning it. Not required to do it, but I usually do.
Welcome. Just as friendly here as at RHET.
+ 10 + 30 = 57,257
New Posts  All Forums: