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I have to agree on the Tahoe/Yukon. Rented one a few weeks back when I visited relatives in Virginia. The handling was surprisingly good going up, down, and around the mountains with plenty of power to spare. The tech was easy to use and better equipped than I had expected. Lots of room, too. I was very impressed.
+ 70 = 71,186
I do goblet squats out of convenience. 80 lb db is what I hold, ass to grass. Did a few sets earlier today.
+ 50 = 70,586
+ 100 = 70,066
+ 50 = 69,896
+ 80 = 68,380
Lifting and yoga keep me sane. When I was a doc student it was cycling, lifting, and running that helped me cope. Nothing like a century or marathon to put your mind at ease, not to mention being completely jacked.
.... and the loooong journey begins. Congrats and Good Luck!Don't give up lifting, you'll find that you need it in order to cope with all the stress. Srsly.
New Posts  All Forums: