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This thread is old, but for future reference, that's not piping but binding. Piping is like what you see on pajamas. Looks like piping on a cake, and it protrudes from between two layers of cloth. Binding, on the other hand, is wrapped around edges as decorative trim. A competent tailor or seamstress can add binding to a RTW coat. It's pretty simple, and binding material is sold at fabric shops.
Are you sure that isn't Moo above? He liked to show a little leg, as I recall. Maybe your days of scouring the globe are finally over.
The guy in the minidress?
If an item is clearly knackered in the pics and someone still buys it, too bad. It's one thing to try to prevent undetectable deception, another to try to save people from their own stupidity. If you can convince me to give you five grand for your used AEs, good on you.
Maybe the Macneil, if you're going for the retro Americana vibe. I actually like the clunky grandpa shoe trend, and was wearing it before it became a trend. But the Strand looks too businesslike. It looks like the shoe a guy would wear with a suit because he thought it was proper, rather than because he was putting a young twist on fogey style. To me, it doesn't say "I'm doing this on purpose;" it says, "I could only afford one pair of discounted bals and have pressed...
The Strands are nice, and good for conservative purposes, but they don't say "young guy out for a night on the town" to me. Pairing a clunky, slightly old-mannish shoe with that sort of youthful, trendy suit seems odd.
Not just the very wealthy -- we see it here on SF too.
The original Trek was quite prescient when it came to the future of business dress: no ties, black trou, bright shirts. The uniform of the 23rd century has become the uniform of the recent college grad.Naturally the most CBD Trek uniforms are the red numbers from the original crew's movies:Admiral Kirk shows some sprezz:Admiral Kirk before posting in the CBD thread:
I'm pretty sure that's a mark XI tricorder.Starfleet took a big step back when it returned to using clumsy pockets instead of having the hardwear stick magically to the equipment belt. I guess Velcro is passe in the 24th century.
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