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Spoo, I'm not getting your recent trend for sober looks with bright pocket squares. Seems like you're directing the eye to the square, and that distracts me from the whole.
Foo had assumed I was an old dude. I told him I just dress like that for kicks.The mad steeze, I got it.
Same here. I kopped a square but removed the ties at the last second. They're at an awkward size for me, too wide for my skinny-lapeled stuff but not as wide as I like for my more conservative coats. Shame, because there were some nice patterns in the sale.
I suggest applying it directly over your eyes.
Gonna take more than that. Do you realize how much platinum Berluti neck bolts will cost?
So now I can get a coordinated outfit to go with my Frankenstein shoes? Any word on neck bolts?
You rang?
There's a whole casual WAYW filled with stuff that better typifies the recent direction of MC, IMO. The bracelet comment wasn't about bracelets so much as the general taste for dandified trends that were once more the domain of the Sartorialist.
The problem is that "improve" is subjective. I think there's been a fundamental shift in taste here, toward a much more fashiony, bracelet-wearing, GQ style. And that's fine. But there's no point in a small number of fuddy duddy vets trying to "save" people who don't want to be saved.I don't post much because there's not much that interests me. But hopefully others find value in it.
There's still Vox's Tumblr, but it's sadly lacking in John Steed.
New Posts  All Forums: