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It's common in certain preppy/Tradly circles in the South, particularly for college guys.
How tall is Spoo?!?
This is interesting to me, in that Spoo's build, I suspect, is rather similar to mine. Yet the effect of our clothes is entirely different. But I'd put more emphasis on the role of the chest fullness than Vox has explicitly referenced. Spoo and I part ways from the get-go, in that the sort of narrow chest he has tended to favor is a deal-killer for me. I like a full chest, to accommodate the sort of crude waist-cinching Vox decries. But I don't want pulling at the button,...
I would avoid the calf J. Crew shoes, unless it's something like an Alden collab. The leather on the ones I've seen has been about Johnston & Murphy quality, and the shopworn ones didn't make me think they age well. I've passed 'em up at $50
The donegal may or may not protect you from thorns.
Nice to see the classic SF pose.
Sportcoat, knit tie and unbuttoned collar? I'd like to think my deleterious influence has been at work.Good to see you back, M.
Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do, it's usually something unusual.
If George were an SFer, he'd post about how he was totally rocking that astrakhan and how you only need to have the confidence to pull it off.
Now you're blatantly stealing my shtick.From hell's heart I stab at thee!
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