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Sometimes I find myself thinking, "This outfit could use a touch of old crone."
Backlash: double monks Rave reviews: Carminas (though could be teetering on saturation) EG's refusal to ship overseas during sales has done it no favors among the SF iGentry. Not really "backlash" so much as "spurned lover."
It's preference. The Torrent, from Ferragamo's Tramezza line, has an incredibly shallow wing, for a fashiony look. That one's too low for me, but I haven't spent much time thinking about it otherwise.
Windowpane suits are CBD?
My stuff of late isn't a uniform, but it's much simpler than it used to be. I have a few favorites that get worn again and again. So I get where he's coming from. That said, I suspect the many words he's devoted to his Foo-ish desire for a uniform reflect the overthinking he's trying to avoid. Better just to ease into it.
Looks nice, SB.
I've heard it will air on PBS in May.
I like to leave some ambiguity to the question of my iGentness, so I've passed on the bracelets, felt flowers, etc. But sometimes they can look good. Usually that time is before they are adopted widely.
In deciding how slim you want 'em, consider what you'll wear them with. SF loves a slim trou at the moment, but you want a cohesive look. Skinny trou will look funny with a full-cut shirt. On the other hand, fuller trou can look good if you keep the other elements proportionate.
Last year I toned it down. I realized most of my missteps come about when I get caught up in the intellectual game of playing with pattern, color, etc. I kept pushing at the boundaries, but for what purpose? I realized I was happiest just relaxing into my style. I've ended up back where I started. This year I hope to continue on the same path. I want to keep a hint of playfulness, now and then, but do it in a subtle, nuanced way. Little details that require you to be in...
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