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The donegal may or may not protect you from thorns.
Nice to see the classic SF pose.
Sportcoat, knit tie and unbuttoned collar? I'd like to think my deleterious influence has been at work.Good to see you back, M.
Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do, it's usually something unusual.
If George were an SFer, he'd post about how he was totally rocking that astrakhan and how you only need to have the confidence to pull it off.
Now you're blatantly stealing my shtick.From hell's heart I stab at thee!
How am I supposed to know what smiley is appropriate for that? Jefferson, I'll mention in passing, was famously down at the heels, such that he was criticized for answering the White House door in his tatty slippers.
Even the dogs appreciate the pairing of brown and white.
No on this one from Cravate's blog? (I think it's a white shirt anyway. If it isn't, pretend it is. I think the contrast still works.)Here's one I posted. Naturally, I like it, though that doesn't mean you should:There are also some good examples of tweed + white shirts on Downton Abbey. Just takes a very measured approach to color and contrast, IMO.
The lack of a tie will make it harder to integrate the components. But you just have to think about contrast. A navy blazer with MOP buttons might look great with a crisp, open-collared white shirt.In general, though, I would think blue or patterned shirts would be easier to pair with coats sans tie.
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