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What's a better option? If someone wanted a crisp blazer, for example?
Camel hair in odd lighting?
We're you guys dissatisfied with your first items when you received them, or did they fall out of favor after you had better? What made you go back?
That show features a lot of lovely tweed, often worn with fine white shirts.
Do you think this is still the case in the UK? Or is it an iGent idyll, yearning for the days of tweed-suited lords overseeing their country estates? The stuff I see on SF is often much louder the typical gear I see IRL, at least on those not sporting other markers of a forum poster/fashion follower.
Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I recall whole conversations about whether sportcoats are even welcome here. Which strikes me as odd, considering how many Whnay. has posted. Personally, I'd like to see the boundaries of good taste in tailored clothing explored as fully as possible.
I almost hate to tackle this as I preach appreciating diversity, but I was taught, growing up, that that color is inappropriate for a worsted suit. This too may be a holdover from the days of smaller wardrobes, when a fellow's only suit might be the wrong suit, but that shade of solid dark brown was the mark of a guy who didn't know better. It's one of my strongest clothing prejudices, for right or wrong.Setting that aside, it strikes me as an odd beast. It's too brown for...
Sure, but this isn't the CBD thread. My point is that the Good Taste thread seems preoccupied with suits in an age when the majority of men don't wear suits. That's odd. There's nothing inherently more tasteful in wearing a suit than a sportcoat, especially if a suit isn't appropriate for the occasion.Agree that it's important for a sportcoat not to look too suity, but I think SF tends to take that to unnecessary extremes. It's pretty easy to tell, most of the time, when...
Sportcoats can be a much purer expression of individual taste than sedate dark suit and tie combos. A true test of good taste, in many cases. But this thread seems uncomfortable with them, for reasons that escape me, just as single-minded insistence on loud sportcoats and rustic cloths escapes me.Also, you should go into that tobacco fresco thread and tell them what a mistake it is. As a suit, I mean.
I struggle to reconcile SF's insistence on loud sportcoats with its insistence that sobriety is the prerequisite for good taste.
New Posts  All Forums: