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Curiously, I haven't had to bin a pair of shows because of Kiwi. Hopefully the gemming fails first.
Remember the days when you polished your shoes with stuff that was cheap, effective and non-damaging? Thank goodness the luxury market saved us from that.
Cutaways aren't very forgiving, flattering neither fat nor thin.
To mix silhouettes, MC would need to have silhouettes. There are essentially three: the soft-shouldered SF house style, the excessively tight BL/GQ look, and the traditional American cut you see mostly on our thrifters/eBayers. MC is fairly rigid and proscriptive -- it's often hostile toward even well-accepted stylistic choices such as structured shoulders -- so it shouldn't surprise that people aren't successfully combining various influences. For the most part, MC's...
Three inches in length -- the Big Pony before the Big Pony. Great thread. Thanks for doing it.
I buy a lot of their shirts and picked up a pair of their cavalry twills about three months ago. I'm happy with all my purchases.
It's nice to see I've been proved correct so many times. It's lovely here, on the right side of history. Carry on.
Why surprised? Dick Cheney makes shotgun brogues. (Yay for dated political humor.)
Oh, Chris, you break my heart.
Wear it buttoned and it's like the jacket is giving the finger.
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