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I find the Tie Bar knits poor. Thin, prone to pulls and the dots on the dotted ones come loose very quickly. The knits from Lands' End are pricier but much better value, IMO. (Unless they've downgraded them in the last few months.) Silk knits are the only ones I like. Wool feels like wearing a sock around your neck.
As one of the originators of the B&S mega-thread, I can tell you I didn't do all that work out of a sense of brotherhood and goodwill. As such, I take a less charitable view of the old B&S than many do. Back in the day, people were still making money -- often lots of money. But the retail discounts were far deeper and far more common, so the markup was less conspicuous and less painful. (And yes, maybe the volume made people willing to seek less profit on individual...
$179, U.S. made, free shipping: andersonlittle.com
No, that isn't me. I don't think I've ever had an avatar that wasn't Val or the real Doc. Accept no substitutes!
Harrumph! I'll have you know I can strive with the best of them.One might argue that the online forums, with their cloaks of anonymity and their endless discussions of clothing mores abandoned more than a half-century ago, have created an online incarnation of the wide-boy for the 21st century. Only now pretending to be aristocracy (or at least a clothing expert) can be a global pursuit.Let's talk more about the city-country divide, shall we? I'll get my pipe and slippers...
Limited selection -- very hard to find attractive patterns Flat, machine hemmed edges Dull, dead colors and lifeless silk, sometimes The first one is the main problem. I end up paying for aesthetics. Thankfully, there are very nice squares available at reasonable prices these days, such as through Kent Wang and vintage on eBay. So no need to resort to department store cheapies, unless you just happen to find a good one.
I would think that the coat being RTW would be an essential part of the professorial equation. I don't know why you'd pay a bespoke premium for that look.
T-T makes special note in his autobiography that he was an early adopter of suede shoes. He says he was known as "the man with carpet slippers" while at Smithfield (so around 1930), and that he reckons he was one of only two men in London sporting such shoes at the time. The cad indeed.Terry also helped spark an interest in floral waistcoats. Not something you see much these days. And he liked flapped breast pockets, which were, from what I can figure, a mid-century trend....
While I digest some of the interesting recent posts, an aside on Terry-Thomas, who was both a very funny comedian and a genuinely natty dresser: In 1953, he was named "Best Dressed Man" by Tailor and Cutter, ahead of Douglas Fairbanks and a list of others. He's reputed to have owned more than 150 odd waistcoats, a signature item, and was a founding member of the London Waistcoat Club. His "formal clothes," as he described them in his autobiography, were by Cyril Castle...
I love Terry-Thomas, which probably comes as a surprise to no one.
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