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Why surprised? Dick Cheney makes shotgun brogues. (Yay for dated political humor.)
Oh, Chris, you break my heart.
Wear it buttoned and it's like the jacket is giving the finger.
That's the treacherous nature of "start" for you.
They're transparent on pricing on their site. Semi-bespoke sportcoats start at 700 pounds, it says.
I have a thick twill sportcoat like that that belonged to my grandfather as a young man. Two, actually. He must have liked them.I wouldn't have considered the cloth a suiting -- was it commonly used for that?
Regardless of the width, the shirt stripe is a pattern too many. A solid would soothe the eye and ground all the business elsewhere.
What's a better option? If someone wanted a crisp blazer, for example?
Camel hair in odd lighting?
We're you guys dissatisfied with your first items when you received them, or did they fall out of favor after you had better? What made you go back?
New Posts  All Forums: