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Sorry, fellows, but I just cleaned up a couple of posts. We don't need another tiresome debate on the merits of this thread. That's a discussion that can go nowhere and does nothing but derail the thread. If you don't like this one, there are plenty of others to enjoy.
I could see that, but it's great for a sportcoat too.
You guys are missing out on the smaller scale. Renders like a solid, so it's like a tweed blazer. The dressiest tweed I have.
Why would it be chickening out? A a lot of posters go wrong when they start treating pattern matching as a competitive sport.
I am hesitant, because that would only encourage people to tell me how it doesn't look like the Goldfinger tweed at all. They would be wrong, but it's the little things that get me by.Nonetheless, it is great for a sportcoat and so I encourage you all in this endeavor.
I have an RL coat almost exactly like the Goldfinger one, except maybe a bit darker. It's fantastic.
I expect this will be true of brightly colored trou as well, a fad that seems to be on its way out.I like patterned trou that effectively resolve to solid. Fine herringbone, for example. But I almost never wear them.
To be fair, I still like shell. Sometimes it's quite beautiful. Just not for me, at least for elegant shoes.
My interest in shell has waned the longer I've had mine. The ripples are coarse and only get coarser, the blooming is ugly and requires removing, the shell itself is erratic, the potential for water marks is unfortunate and unpredictable, and, for some reason, my boots have required a lot of moisturizing. Too much hassle. I can see why shell was saved for the servants back in the day.
Shell in general never looks better than before it's worn.
New Posts  All Forums: