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I wouldn't describe most of what's posted these days as "conservative business dress," even in the lowercase. A lot of it doesn't look very businessy at all -- more louche Italian who likes to read the Chap.
Collar that big seems odd on a coat that short.
Just a black belt would do ... And maybe a white square.
Yes, that's right.If you're counting on the khakis-and-polo crowd (or non-suit-wearers in general) to parse the nuances of your suit color, I fear the distinction you're trying to draw is going to be lost on the vast majority of people.
Curious gusset. Would look like you were flashing your 1980s sport socks.
Contrast collars show up now and again. They enjoyed a minor fad in the '60s and have popped up lately on youthful/fashiony RTW.
There's a non-affiliate thread on the front page right now called "scammer alert," which has been there since at least yesterday, and we've had endless discussions of artisans who haven't delivered after accepting money. So it might be helpful if you could elaborate on the acceptable parameters of that sort of conversation (though this thread probably is not the place for it).
I don't like the bright red in that context at all.
I was oddly happy to see Bert live to see the moon landing. Recalled the secretary born in a barn, and it made a memorable exit for his character, especially with the post-mortem message to Don. "Bravo" indeed. Some fine work by Roger too, saving Don and screwing Harry simultaneously, though it stretched credibility that Cutler would be so transparent about Don so soon after Bert's passing. The special effects of Ted's plane exterior were shockingly bad -- really pulled...
There's like 20 of them in MC alone. Imagine the void that would leave -- we might have to discuss things instead of just buying things and showing pictures of the things we bought.
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