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This misses the point of the CBD thread. Here there is no deciding, only accepting.
Now overrated. SF moves slowly at times, but it gets there in the end.
Made for a jaw-dropper of an ending, didn't it? Best episode so far this season.
Who's left to be jaded? Seems like most discussions these days are about acquisitions and affiliates. I'd have thought there was less complaining than there used to be, rather than it being the new fashion.
I blame leather for my shoes not fitting properly in the same manner I blame silk for my bad tie choices. Toms from here on out.
Unless you wear exclusively brown ties with your brown shoes, I can't see why you'd suddenly need to match your tie and shoes ever. Bengal stripe OCBD + black knit = goes with most anything. Don't overthink this stuff.
I'd be cautious of putting too much stock in a direct comparison of Simon's clothes. Despite the comparative nature of his blog, the clothes are made not to reflect the tailor's typical house style but built to Simon's rather specific tastes. For example, he has very sloped shoulders but doesn't like shoulder padding or artificial anatomical correction. That alone can dramatically affect the overall presentation of the resulting garments, and is a taste much more in the...
The angle of the photograph showcases that outfit to its best advantage. Imagine if you were looking at that busy tie straight on and unobstructed. Looks better there, just peeking out. There are a lot of ties out there like that, victims of the demise of the three-piece.
Sorry, fellows, but I just cleaned up a couple of posts. We don't need another tiresome debate on the merits of this thread. That's a discussion that can go nowhere and does nothing but derail the thread. If you don't like this one, there are plenty of others to enjoy.
I could see that, but it's great for a sportcoat too.
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