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Also, in discussing the virtues of retail v. alternatives, let's not forget that this thread was founded to help a guy who splashed out too much money on expensive mistakes at Neiman.
This is what matters. It's not where you buy or what you spend, it's the knowledge and discipline you have when you make the purchase.
Thank you for filling in for me in my absence, and with a Steed pic I've never seen before to boot.I love a flared skirt.
That version of Leo Belgicus makes me think of phagocytosis. As an aside, I find squares that are very dark hard to use. I also don't like large dark areas juxtaposed too sharply against very light areas.
Not crazy about that sort of square, personally (especially with the competing lines in the suit), but the whole looks nice.
You like it the lamb?
Re: Fok's point, I think it's natural people are going to come and go. Most people show up with a question, get what they need and go. Others become hobbyists and stay longer before moving on to something else. But that so many of the old folks are still here and not posting, or active elsewhere online, reflects very much the shift in the forum's direction. Not that that's bad, necessarily, just different.Thank you, but there's been a shift in attitudes toward critique...
I'd say the more significant shift is from discussion to acquisition. "Pattern matching as competitive sport" goes back to the earliest days of the forum, and is a common rite of passage. There's a natural tendency to peacock, especially for young guys, and far fewer folks here these days urging restraint. (Or at least fewer influential members willing to denounce things in forceful Foo-fashion.)This is one of the odder phenomena. I still see people spouting the old...
Tattersall sportcoat would look terrible. Don't do it. It would come across as a novelty coat at best. There are plenty of bold gun clubs/checks that would work instead. If you proceed, make sure the material is sufficiently durable.
SF is just at the front of the wide lapel fad. Come back in a few years and the song will have changed again.
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