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J Crew, believe it or not, has been carrying quite a few in recent years.
TBH, I've never seen a solid cream square used in a way that wouldn't be improved by a patterned square with a cream base.
Very wide.
How can it not be? What we consider good taste is really just an extension of what we're used to seeing and expect to see within a specific context. It's about recognizing the unspoken norms of a particular time, place and tribe. Good taste at an English country estate in 1920 isn't the same as good taste in California in 1965 or at a Charleston country club in 1985.As an aside, I'd argue the forums would do well to spend more time acknowledging regional differences --...
It's over 9000!!!!!
Agree -- perfect. It's a name, a title and a state of being.
That was posted back before the forum decided to invent a formula for getting dressed. Looks nice.SF's aversion to darker trou still eludes me.
This might top the Blazersuit and half-suede bal boots to be the SF(etishistic) thing ever. Will be interested to see what they look like with wear. You got your trainers in my cordovan!
I'd agree with all that. Part of the problem is that guys today are often starting from scratch, or close to, because they have little to no experience with tailored clothing. Used to be, most guys learned this stuff growing up. If you're coming at it as an adult, you have to start somewhere, which brings me to my point: If you don't know what you're doing, and if you don't have the discipline to pass up false bargains, it doesn't matter if you're standing in a thrift or...
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