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I like knits, so I have no desire to discourage folks from wearing them. But I question the sense of obligation. Once you're in denim, you've made the call on formality. In that case, I'd say, add a knit if you think it adds to the effect, but not because of what you're doing. Here, I'd like the laid-back vibe that would accompany an open collar.
Why not go BD and no tie? That's the only part that throws me.
R, you seem to have returned a lot of stuff already. If you're on the fence about some of the remaining items -- particularly those outside the exchange terms -- I'd suggest considering how generous Neiman already has been to you. The suit, especially. There's a point at which taking advantage of a generous exchange policy becomes abuse. You bought it, after all. Used to be you could return anything at Brooks anytime, but people took excessive advantage of that fact. Now...
That bad, eh?
I wonder what the new owners will say if someone inquires what the EAC stands for. Everybody's always copping? Equal access to Crispins?
Very handsome. Lovely shaping through the waist. How do you feel about the style, now that you have it, and how does it fit in with the rest of your tailored clothing? Thanks for posting pics.
At least they're not blue. And perhaps they are more subtle. But they're similar in that they seem to share a thirst for novelty. Not my cuppa. I like my dress footwear plain, without adornment to draw the eye or to attract the attentions of the shoe connoisseur.I'm not big on exotics in general, and I'm no fan of floating medallions, so this was never going to be for me.There are a lot of things popular here that I think are beautiful in pictures but wouldn't consider...
Pretty in the picture, but I wouldn't wear it. Only a half step away from those calf/suede balmoral boots that enjoy curious popularity on the forum.
Terrible isn't a strong enough word.
Wha? What have you done with Foo, and would you be interested in a very reasonably priced bespoke lapel flower?
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