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I cuff almost nothing these days.
Cuffs, like patch pockets, are optional details that add a casual note to an outfit. They're inappropriate in certain settings, but their absence is never wrong ... except on the clothing forums.Cuffs aren't even that popular in the UK, the country that gave us so many of the rules SF likes to fret about.
I think fretting about the formality of cuffs in any setting other than black/white tie is getting lost in the SF weeds.
You're unlikely to find Blue Label at $700 retail, especially at a small shop. It would have had to have sat there for many years, considering the current MSRP. I wouldn't bother with any of the lesser diffusion stuff.
If you're worried about being the only one in a coat, I'd start with solids (the blazers you have) or cloths that resolve as solid -- donegal, barleycorn, etc. Versatile and less conspicuous than the dramatic/theatrical numbers SF favors.
If I were to start fretting about this sort of thing, I'd need to cull my sweater collection before taking on my footwear. Got some furry argyle Grover sweaters from the '60s you'd never see in the men's department today. And I have to confess to a fondness for a few of the elaborate "holiday" designs Ralph has put out. I have one that looks great on me but would look equally appropriate on my auntie.
I don't get jodhpurs myself. They look costumey, like they ought to be worn with a pith helmet. And it seems like your trou would always be getting caught on the harnessing. Not my cuppa. Not a big fan of shoe ornamentation in general, though, oddly, I love a clunky full brogue. I would think a Chelsea would seem at least as masculine to the average viewer as the monks that get such love on SF.
Elasticated boots were invented in the mid-1800s and enjoyed quite the vogue in the 19th century. Queen Victoria was said to be a fan.
I like the look of the gusset, as long as it doesn't have the leather Venetian blinds applied over top, as you sometimes see. Durability doesn't worry me, as mine have held up fine. Besides, I don't hold them out as sensible shoes of the conservative sort, and probably wouldn't suggest them for a fellow worried about long-term durability. For me, they have style, and I'll replace as necessary. They're require a bit of devil-may-care attitude, and I like that about them.
I don't care for them. The plainness is what appeals to me, and broguing just seems like clutter.
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