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Other than the clouds in the sky, the snow on the ground, the flowers in the grass, the rocks in the earth and the stars in the heavens?
I'm with Foo -- Pliny's tie pattern is too small and busy to really work well with that coat. Not terrible, but there are much better options. I wince when I see posters preaching to newbs about how versatile that sort of tie is. I don't get it.
Click on "Classic Menswear."
To my eye, showing sock looks odd with cuffs. Dangly.
Working's fine for killing time, but it's a shaky way to make a living.
Too much going on there, Pliny. Solid shirt would be much better.
I appreciate your sentiment, Un. But here's the challenge the forum faces: Great posters -- the really great ones -- bring a spark of electricity to the forum. They're aren't just knowledgeable, and they aren't just prolific. They're more than charitable content providers. They're knowledgeable, but more importantly, they're passionate, and they have a specific personality and outlook. The best ones so far, IMO, had tastes that were not formed wholly or mostly by SF and...
The issue isn't lack of pixels, it's the shortage of posters who can provide and provoke the sort of content that's now being missed, at least in this thread. As far as I can tell, the forum has moved in this direction deliberately, traffic remains high and money is being made. People seem to like it, and it won't be long before the average poster knows no other iteration of SF, if that isn't already the case. The "old" SF is gone, and perhaps it's best to let SF be...
Too many gases in the Praxis range of the spectrum?
Clara isn't a character so much as another of Moffatt's clever ideas. The actress is fine, but she has nothing to work with.
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