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I don't care for them. The plainness is what appeals to me, and broguing just seems like clutter.
They're not for everyone, and that's part of their appeal.
They are sleek, minimalist, a bit 1960s, a bit 1800s, a touch horsey, quite city, a good bit mod and just the right degree of unusual. They go with everything, from denim to tweed to DJs. The true OneBoot.
I don't care for any of those. The darker blue one is the least bad, if you don't mind the coat looking like an uppity jean jacket.
My current lineup seems pretty ideal: Chelseas in golden brown calf, black calf and dark brown suede, along with chukkas in darkish brown suede and chestnut pebble grain.I also have a pair of Paul Smith Ricards I'd hate to give up, so I guess I need to expand the wardrobe to six. But I could get by with just the Chelseas in a pinch.
I and many likeminded fellows from the Edwardian era remain skeptical of this passing fancy for colorful shirts.
Yes, me too. So the bespoke wardrobe you're planning must not be too expansive? Or are the longwings losing their position of prominence?
Will you replace the armada of shell longwings with an identical armada of bespoke shell longwings?I've effectively given up on shoes. Boots almost exclusively these days. I could cull the daily footwear wardrobe down to five pairs, all boots, and be content.
They're fine for solid suits, but that's how I think of them -- suit ties.
It's an interesting question. Is that really enough to warrant asking for a remake? I don't know I'd feel comfortable with that, though I might express my displeasure and see what they say. How much action does the OneShoe see these days?
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