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I'm sorry to see Matt go, and I'm looking forward to Capaldi, but I'm dreading another dire Christmas episode. Maybe having the regeneration to deal with will cut down on the schmaltz, but the plot synopsis didn't give me much cause for optimism.
The best defense is to wear your clothes often. Cloth left undisturbed is an insect buffet. If you do need to store for extended periods, make sure the clothes have been cleaned first.
I would bet my "disposable" shirts last at least as long, overall, as many delicate luxury cloths -- even those treated to hand washing and the tender caresses of artisanal cleaners.
That's one reason I don't wear bespoke shirts. Buy, alter, wear, toss. I'm only into clothing to the point it becomes an inconvenience.
Same here. I treat them like undershirts. I don't mind if they look well worn, so I don't baby them ... But very rarely do they make it to that point.
This sort of luxury good does not sound very luxurious.
The funny thing is that Andy's, a forum that used to be derided for hawking the Encyclopedia and pricey underpants, is probably the least commercial of the major forums.
One thing about the Marlows is that the style has been widely available for a long time, and often on deep discount. Those who want them (i.e., those who recall when they were the thing to have) already have had numerous chances to get them at a very good price. Beyond that, we now have fewer influential tastemakers who drive people to specific styles. As noted, the focus has shifted to the affiliate threads and consumption discussions. Now people want to be early...
It's not bad, but it doesn't add to the effect, if you know what I mean. Something else, or no bag at all, would be better.
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