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Pretty in the picture, but I wouldn't wear it. Only a half step away from those calf/suede balmoral boots that enjoy curious popularity on the forum.
Terrible isn't a strong enough word.
Wha? What have you done with Foo, and would you be interested in a very reasonably priced bespoke lapel flower?
Those do look great, even the seam.
The costume in action: (Lots of shooting pics) http://www.flickr.com/photos/54169297@N04/sets/72157640245057013/
If Capaldi weren't doing the Time Warp and flashing the red lining, his outfit wouldn't look far off the drab dark gear that dominates London these days. He'd look less conspicuous there than Matt's tweedy garb, I'd suggest.
Matt's purple getup with the waistcoat didn't seem ordinary to me. This seems like a step back toward "clothes," at least compared with that.
Don't. Very old and dated.
Capaldi in costume: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/doctor-who/10599910/First-picture-of-Peter-Capaldis-Doctor-Who-costume-revealed.html Very Pertwee gone punk.
I'm wearing flannels without cuffs today. They hang fine. But I prefer only a shiver of break and a slimmer trou, so it all fits together. I like cuffs on others, just prefer the sleeker look for myself.
New Posts  All Forums: