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By the time this thread arrived, much discussion had been had and many of the naysayers had effectively given up. Bracelets were quite the thing for a while, along with fake lapel flowers, but both fads have waned.
Wasn't it Foo who led that charge? His presence here is intermittent at best these days,
We can't have that, can we? Here's to the best-dressed man of the 1960s as he turns 92 a half-century later. A real gentleman, too. Style incarnate.
Yea, my knits are narrower than that. Three inches is on the narrower side, but it's my preference. All I'm suggesting for Rudals is that he figure out what his own preference is.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's terrible. But a lot of SFers have ended up with jumbled wardrobes because they bought items that were good enough rather than just plain good. You don't need to do that. If you dig it with wider lapels, great. But I'd urge you to give it a hard look and decide if it's your preference -- to your taste -- rather than keep it because it could be worse.
Playing Devil's advocate: Hasn't the intended lesson been to buy things that best suit him, rather than settle for the less-than-ideal? SF-approved items that don't suit are no better than NM items that don't suit, IMO.
I'll dissent: That width is too wide for your frame. I'm.a 38-40 and am most comfortable at 3-3.25.
I like knits, so I have no desire to discourage folks from wearing them. But I question the sense of obligation. Once you're in denim, you've made the call on formality. In that case, I'd say, add a knit if you think it adds to the effect, but not because of what you're doing. Here, I'd like the laid-back vibe that would accompany an open collar.
Why not go BD and no tie? That's the only part that throws me.
R, you seem to have returned a lot of stuff already. If you're on the fence about some of the remaining items -- particularly those outside the exchange terms -- I'd suggest considering how generous Neiman already has been to you. The suit, especially. There's a point at which taking advantage of a generous exchange policy becomes abuse. You bought it, after all. Used to be you could return anything at Brooks anytime, but people took excessive advantage of that fact. Now...
New Posts  All Forums: