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I almost hate to tackle this as I preach appreciating diversity, but I was taught, growing up, that that color is inappropriate for a worsted suit. This too may be a holdover from the days of smaller wardrobes, when a fellow's only suit might be the wrong suit, but that shade of solid dark brown was the mark of a guy who didn't know better. It's one of my strongest clothing prejudices, for right or wrong.Setting that aside, it strikes me as an odd beast. It's too brown for...
Sure, but this isn't the CBD thread. My point is that the Good Taste thread seems preoccupied with suits in an age when the majority of men don't wear suits. That's odd. There's nothing inherently more tasteful in wearing a suit than a sportcoat, especially if a suit isn't appropriate for the occasion.Agree that it's important for a sportcoat not to look too suity, but I think SF tends to take that to unnecessary extremes. It's pretty easy to tell, most of the time, when...
Sportcoats can be a much purer expression of individual taste than sedate dark suit and tie combos. A true test of good taste, in many cases. But this thread seems uncomfortable with them, for reasons that escape me, just as single-minded insistence on loud sportcoats and rustic cloths escapes me.Also, you should go into that tobacco fresco thread and tell them what a mistake it is. As a suit, I mean.
I struggle to reconcile SF's insistence on loud sportcoats with its insistence that sobriety is the prerequisite for good taste.
The smart tailor is the diplomatic tailor? You know you agree with me. Tobacco is for farmer ... and linen!
That jacket would be terrible with any pants.
I have no idea what that's trying to say, but no, it's not true. A sportcoat doesn't have sleeve buttons or patch pockets? That's just dumb.There's no rule that blazers need to have two buttons or patches, though that's a common and acceptable configuration, if you like.
I like brown, just not that brown in that cloth as a citified suit.
I can't imagine where I'd wear the brown. It's not a business suit but it's too, well, brown for a stylish casual suit. I would have a strong negative reaction to that being worn in a business environment, esp. if client-facing.Brown is for farmer.
Agree it's worth considering, but what it really comes down to is avoiding the extremes of fashion. That's pretty easy. Common sense tells you that a sportcoat that ends above your rear isn't for conservative business, now or in the future. But some guys might benefit from a slightly shorter coat, or they might look good in narrower lapels. It's something to consider, at least. But there's unending discussion here of finding RTW that's "timeless," and that's a false hope....
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