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I struggle to reconcile SF's insistence on loud sportcoats with its insistence that sobriety is the prerequisite for good taste.
The smart tailor is the diplomatic tailor? You know you agree with me. Tobacco is for farmer ... and linen!
That jacket would be terrible with any pants.
I have no idea what that's trying to say, but no, it's not true. A sportcoat doesn't have sleeve buttons or patch pockets? That's just dumb.There's no rule that blazers need to have two buttons or patches, though that's a common and acceptable configuration, if you like.
I like brown, just not that brown in that cloth as a citified suit.
I can't imagine where I'd wear the brown. It's not a business suit but it's too, well, brown for a stylish casual suit. I would have a strong negative reaction to that being worn in a business environment, esp. if client-facing.Brown is for farmer.
Agree it's worth considering, but what it really comes down to is avoiding the extremes of fashion. That's pretty easy. Common sense tells you that a sportcoat that ends above your rear isn't for conservative business, now or in the future. But some guys might benefit from a slightly shorter coat, or they might look good in narrower lapels. It's something to consider, at least. But there's unending discussion here of finding RTW that's "timeless," and that's a false hope....
Disagree on navy silk knits being seasonal or out of place with "country" sportcoats. Navy and black are easily my most worn colors, mostly with tweedy/brown sportcoats. Too many earth tones worn at once will have you looking like you dropped in from 1976.
This doesn't look like the typical conservative suit from 10 years ago. Definitely doesn't look like a conservative suit from 20 years ago. But would you want it to? It's a lot harder to escape the ebbs and flows of fashion than SF would have you believe.This "timeless" stuff is tricky business, which is why I argue that guys should decide for themselves what they like.
What counts as super-sized houndstooth? Manton rails against the small modern version, though my preference runs to smaller over large.
New Posts  All Forums: