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You put this very kindly.
I actually thought it has been getting a little better. Sometimes there are discussions -- whole threads, even -- about topics other than how great an affiliate's merch is. For a while, it just seemed like endless sponsored/appreciation threads.That said, I don't visit much anymore, so I may not be that well-informed.
I don't care for either of those. But setting that aside, it seems like the yellow cast could be treacherous for some complexions.
Manton sure loves drape.
I have a dotted knit that I bought years ago and have worn relentlessly that still looks new, I have a couple of others that I bought more recently, not seeing an obvious difference, and the dots have already started to surrender. So there's some difference, though I can't say whether that difference is hand-sewing. I'm guessing so, but it's a guess.
Conversely, that Trad stores sell something doesn't make it nice. Most of the things in many such stores these days aren't very nice at all. I would not have thought a knit could hold permanent wrinkles until I bought one that did. Regardless of whether it's made in England, Italy or China, it's poor.
I'd have agreed with you a few years ago, when knits were somewhat rare specimens, but their boom in popularity has been accompanied by a boom in cheap, poor-quality ones. As you might expect. The are all sorts of thin, flat, limp, dead ones out there now, sometimes with dots that can't wait to come undotted.Better brands tend to be better, but I've seen some lackluster ones sneaking into places I wouldn't have expected. Quite easy to spend $70 or more on a knit that isn't...
Dare I suggest it often works best with a white OCBD? I'll wait till someone foolishly disagrees and then tell you why.
This business card is in desperate need of a bespoke stylist who understands inset.
That might be my favorite patterned tie. Simple stripes don't get the love they deserve on SF.
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